Rules for s/casualChildAbuse

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.

Only post casual child abuse.

Posts only

Posts that aren't casual or child abuse will be removed. Casual means that the abuser is trying to pass the abuse off as good parenting, for example on social media.

We do NOT condone abuse.

Posts & Comments

Do not condone/encourage abuse, or joke about it.

No identifiable information.

Posts & Comments

Remove all identifiable information from your post. Read: (user)names, addresses, names, telephone numbers, ...

Don't be a dick.

Posts & Comments

Discussion and differing opinions are encouraged, but keep in mind the debate pyramid. Users dragging conversation down to lower levels of the pyramid are unwanted.

NSFW tag when necessary.

Posts only

Due to the nature of the topic of this sub, there can often be posts that some users do not want to view, for example those that contain graphic/gory content. Mark this content using the NSFW option.

Mark posts with the appropriate flair.

Posts only

You should mark your submissions with the appropriate flair after posting:

Submissions unrelated to casual child abuse or this sub will be removed.