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Eeehh... maybe ease up on the terminology there. It's not quite n-word level, but it's at least 25% of the way there.

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What does that mean? Do you support this?

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OP inserted the word "transexual", which is used similarly to "fag" or "n****r". (Actually, I rescind my 25% remark – you can't really compare that kind of thing.) This word wasn't used in the article.

I support being nice, wherever possible; it's best for people to know what words are likely to hurt people so they can avoid using them (or use them, if they want to be (seen as) arseholes).

If you're asking about the content of the article, I also think that hormone blockers should be used as early as possible in the process, since the effects of hormones during puberty can be difficult to reverse (and by extension think that HRT should not be entered into lightly). I am also aware that parents often have issues with this kind of thing, so telling parents that their child thinks they're trans isn't something that should be done lightly either.

Since people often have issues working through this kind of thing and identity being weird and stuff, people can often be inadvertently pressured into fulfilling social stereotypes (comic), so 14 might be too young to be starting HRT. But it depends on the case, and I:

  • have no stake in the matter;
  • have no experience in the matter;
  • have no knowledge of the case;
  • am not a psychologist, counsellor, etc.;
  • have not interviewed the child;
  • have not met them; and
  • have not even spent two hours thinking about this. (One, max.)

So really, my opinion means nothing. My argument might, but I would probably concede to a good argument from someone ticking more than zero of those boxes, if it convinced me.

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Thank you for the nothingburger.

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Hey. Be nice.