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** Personal Opinions Below **

Dangerous precedence/slippery slope: if the government only allows for self correction within 3 weeks of each EI weekly income report. And give notice late by at least 1 year later or more, and then allowed to chase for EI clawbacks for even longer periods. Then the government or big corporation could have fabricated any evidence they want after that 3 weeks grace period, then after 1 year or more, chase for claw-backs of overpayments or even more fines and penalties. Especially unfair if they sue for additional interest penalties during the delays they purposely caused. It opens up the opportunity for Corporate and/or Government bosses could just take more of that EI deductions money from each paycheck, and pocket it themselves, without having to pay any benefits back to the workers, even after mass layoffs or malicious firings.

Ideally, if a big corporation have such close connections with the government, and sends all their employees income report to the government automatically, then why can't the part-time-job partial EI payment system be AUTOMATICALLY calculated, by every time a paycheck issued? Similar to how the more recently updated CRA income tax report system is, able to automatically retrieving all the T4s or T3s each year April (I remember around after 2021). Instead of laying traps for workers to makes mistake in the online EI reporting system, then penalize the workers afterward.

In my case above, the EI government has played the weeks time-swapping game (eg. claiming I had reported 2 weeks late, due to actually bein held in 2 weeks in arrears by the Corporation), then my logic of "I had my EI benefits ended earlier", should conversely apply as well. Because I have not received the full 52 weeks benefit from my previous corporate job, even by the time I had finished the seasonal job in winter 2019/2020. I could probably argue that "the last 2 weeks of EI overpayment I received was balanced out by having my full 52 weeks EI benefits being cut off at least 6 weeks earlier".