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The only other post in this "canada" sub.

The Marijuana Party needs to get laid cause they're all dorks.

The Sex Party needs to smoke some pot cause they're all up tight.

The Green Party is repressed in so many other ways.

The Anarchist Party is a contradiction if one exists.

The Pirate Party is unironically one of the most legit.

The Rhino Party should be resurrected.

And most of the rest of the parties should consider self-murder for the betterment of all.

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Leaf-Advice level: over 9000!

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I'm serious about my party assessments above. If you've studied the Canadian contenders then you'll seriously know how much they're mostly all forgettable clowns. (Not that you should be voting for personalities anyway.)

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Oh believe me, I know - these people expect to change the nation, but can't even get time on television, or get in touch with voters...

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I don't want to change the nation.

I just want to change "canada" to make "Canada" great again.

Speaking of "Canada" and "Great", eight times I hosted this happening at Burning Man events. I attended Burning Man from 1999-2008, ten times in a row. I'd go again if I could. But I'm poor. :(

DAMN IT! Sadly, the Great Canadian Beaver Eating Contest graphics were not archived to share (I have everything, including my Score mix, backed up), but you can read about it...

Some of the graphics are on the old web store. I haven't collected from them since ~2007 or 2008. I doubt they have any money for me.

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Success for some = Deal kneel for others.

I doubt anyone from the marijuana party is too upset. Smoking day ganja...

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I don't understand either sentence.

I can tell you one person who's upset. Mark Emery, the "Prince Of Pot", who in an interview with our beloved Press For Truth supported voting for Justin Trudeau for no other reason than JT claimed he wanted to legalize pot. He didn't care about any of Trudeau's other policies. 2 LONG years later and there's finally some movement on the legality issue. Why? So they could crack down in the meantime while they worked out their corporate schemes and poison genetic monstrosity products.

I used to really admire Marc before that interview. Over 20 years ago he had a book store in downtown London, Ontario. It was THE best and on the front lines of free speech with his body - before the InterWebz. He was often raided for selling records with "explicit" lyrics, or drug safety books, and other "banned" things. The police would harass his business by confiscating everything for several months before finally returning it without compensation for lost revenue. Eventually he sold it and moved to Vancouver to start selling bongs and seeds and open a "coffee" shop. He sold seeds (not plants!) to folks around the world and the USA had a vendetta out for him, and Canada caved and extradited him to serve time in some US prison. Anyway...

So Justin Trudeau ride's his famous dead father's coattails to become Prime Minister, and, oops!...

"Marc And Jodie Emery Arrested - What You Need to Know" (2017-03-10) :

Jodie is an intelligent babe, but is a little too humourless with the mainstream media. Yes, HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of citizens are locked up for a stupid drug "war" on the citizens - but you also don't win the media war if you come off like a crazy crusader. You gotta roll with their ignorance to effectively counter the propaganda.

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He changed his song a bit. Listen to this beautiful rant (at 2x speed) :

"Marc Emery and Jodie Emery: Opening statement, Cannabis Bill C-45" (2017-09-20) :