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You can use an egg crate to pour a mixture of melted wax and sawdust. Now you have a dozen mini fire-starters.

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These are so effective. When I had a little wood burner stove I would make these in small muffin paper just to make them easier to light. Almost free too.

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Good idea.

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Nice!!!! I take petroleum jelly and cotton balls as well. Pull the cotton ball apart a bit and swipe some jelly in there and then close it up it will take a spark really easily and burn for about 2 to 3 min with the petroleum jelly.

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Nice to know.

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I keep some dryer lint in an empty paper towel tube in the camping tote, was thinking about making charcloth, doing the cotton ball in jelly thing, and getting a ferrorod just to round out my fire making options.

We have a "fire bag" we keep the flammables, alcohol stove, and fire making stuff except the lint which gets the tote to avoid moisture. Makes it handy to keep track of and keep it safe.

Although generally what I reach for in the fire bag to start fires is my propane torch. I started using it when were we camping in freezing weather. At first I was starting an alcohol fire to unfreeze my hands so I could make the big fire, but that's a lot of time being cold, so I started using the torch. It's just so convienient and fast.

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Yea obviously a torch can't be beat I have been in the situation where I had that bag of cotton balls and jelly to save the day. It's my backup with a lighter, never know when you are going to fall into a creek and break something or something is frozen. Generally I will just go the best route a small butane torch is not a bad thing to pack as well. I like to carry a ziploc bag of charcoal as well for cooking just dig a hole and put it in there. I seen a liquid stove that will take like diesel and various other liquids just have to pump it up.