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Yeah Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. It has the smart contract feature built-in.

In politics, smart contracts could be used to keep track of election promises and the people's satisfaction with regards to their fulfillment. As is well known, the population has REALLY SHORT memory about politics and promises. That would solve that.

You could keep track of how well somebody's doing with regards to their promises. At any level. You would have apps underlining the bad apples and the shining beacons. An invaluable tool!

And that would be just a start because it would enable, and even FORCE direct democracy on the dipshits at the top. How? Imagine so-and-so proposes "Bill Z-99" or whatever you would call it. Doesn't matter what it's about. You could have the population chime in on whether they like it or not, and even the CLAUSES within it. It could be drilled down to details.

Now of course not everyone would use it for everything, because people have lives. But then again, individuals would look at things that matter the most to them, and chime in on that. If some dude just does whatever and ignores the voters, things will get hot for him. How so?

Well nowadays the dipshits at the top just do whatever, and we barely hear about it. And we don't know the exact disapproval or "don't care" or whatever, of the population with regards to anything they do.

Just imagine now that said dipshit keeps doing whatever he pleases, and people disapprove en masse, garnering say 90%+ disapproval on one measure, then another. Pretty soon, it's not just generalized disapproval. It's KNOWN and PROVABLE generalized disapproval. This is very different.

If you disagree with a proposed bill or whatever, are you going to draw up a sign and drive to whichever place the dude is at, and start chanting "don't want it" or whatever? Nope, you surely wouldn't do it ALONE.

But if you know that 40,000 of your closest friends are equally enraged at these measures and they know there are that many of them, then there is likelihood that SOMETHING will happen, be it email flooding, protests, boycotts, whatever. The possibilities are endless.