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That's a good question.

I feel that if a group of anonymous individuals pulled a "Satoshi" on the political systems, then that would be that.

By this I mean, if for example, these people were to create a political blockchain, then that would be a start. For example, start with a blockchain of politics and opinions, where each individual can express approval or disapproval of events, measures, laws, politicians, on all levels.

Imagine that there are apps where this blockchain can easily and ANONYMOUSLY be accessed by individuals, say through even their phones, and express their approval or disapproval of various things. They could even be allowed to flip-flop depending on what else changes.

Say this grows over the next 10 years. At some point it cannot be ignored anymore. At some point, somebody's going to come forward and say, you know what, vote for me as President and I'll do what you guys want. Or whatever. Even on a state or county level.

Or even just "Hey politician so-and-so, did you see the immense disapproval you just garnered!? Maybe you should look for another job?"

The possibilities are endless. You just need a group of Open Source Cryptography developers to get together and make it happen. It could truly become a driving force for freedom and justice within a decade or 3. It would spread like a wildfire and be applicable to EVERY SINGLE GROUP of individuals. NOBODY would be without their political blockchain, their voice could never be drowned out by special interest groups and lobbies. Democracy would be real again.

Make Democracy Real Again.