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Amazing that Blockchain can also be used to free the masses from tyranny, enabling the best of direct democratic systems.

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on paper. but can it happen irl?

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That's a good question.

I feel that if a group of anonymous individuals pulled a "Satoshi" on the political systems, then that would be that.

By this I mean, if for example, these people were to create a political blockchain, then that would be a start. For example, start with a blockchain of politics and opinions, where each individual can express approval or disapproval of events, measures, laws, politicians, on all levels.

Imagine that there are apps where this blockchain can easily and ANONYMOUSLY be accessed by individuals, say through even their phones, and express their approval or disapproval of various things. They could even be allowed to flip-flop depending on what else changes.

Say this grows over the next 10 years. At some point it cannot be ignored anymore. At some point, somebody's going to come forward and say, you know what, vote for me as President and I'll do what you guys want. Or whatever. Even on a state or county level.

Or even just "Hey politician so-and-so, did you see the immense disapproval you just garnered!? Maybe you should look for another job?"

The possibilities are endless. You just need a group of Open Source Cryptography developers to get together and make it happen. It could truly become a driving force for freedom and justice within a decade or 3. It would spread like a wildfire and be applicable to EVERY SINGLE GROUP of individuals. NOBODY would be without their political blockchain, their voice could never be drowned out by special interest groups and lobbies. Democracy would be real again.

Make Democracy Real Again.

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What do you think? I'm no expert on blockchain tech of course, but I'm sure someone knows enough about that stuff to correct and adjust this basic idea to turn it into an actual solution to the problem?

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i think it wont be able to free us from tyranny, see the example here: china is a tyranny and see what happened, it just made things worse. with cash at least we retain some freedom and independence from the state.

only in a truly free society can we use blockchain however we wish, without any legal constrains, but we dont have that given to us atm.

i have zero doubt that the 'elites' will destroy anything and everything jeopardizing their power, including the power grid, the internet and even the technologies making these possible if and when they have to do so.

they already did it before, with the library of alexandria.. and all the patents. i think it is unwise to rely on something as vulnerable as internet technologies to safeguard our freedoms. emp weapons exist for a reason, and even without those, we saw how easy it was to disrupt the grid not so long ago in venezuela.

but just like you, i am not familiar enough w the tech, so who knows, people are always smart and inventive, there is no way predicting the future

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Oh I agree that it won't by itself free us from tyranny.

It is but a tool, and a tool used smartly can do great things.

I'm mostly thinking out loud since I don't know much about that technology, other than DISTRIBUTED LEDGER and SMART CONTRACTS which by themselves seem to have potential applications in the shpere I speak of.

But what do I know, really.

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ah, yes, i remember something about it, smart contracts will allow us to do business between each other and without the need for any banks, notars, lawyers, escrow services.. yeah i am totally for that. in fact i would like to use it already.. i just dont expect miracles.

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It appears this idea is already being implemented!

Look here:

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cool. ethereum is good (i think)

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Yeah Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. It has the smart contract feature built-in.

In politics, smart contracts could be used to keep track of election promises and the people's satisfaction with regards to their fulfillment. As is well known, the population has REALLY SHORT memory about politics and promises. That would solve that.

You could keep track of how well somebody's doing with regards to their promises. At any level. You would have apps underlining the bad apples and the shining beacons. An invaluable tool!

And that would be just a start because it would enable, and even FORCE direct democracy on the dipshits at the top. How? Imagine so-and-so proposes "Bill Z-99" or whatever you would call it. Doesn't matter what it's about. You could have the population chime in on whether they like it or not, and even the CLAUSES within it. It could be drilled down to details.

Now of course not everyone would use it for everything, because people have lives. But then again, individuals would look at things that matter the most to them, and chime in on that. If some dude just does whatever and ignores the voters, things will get hot for him. How so?

Well nowadays the dipshits at the top just do whatever, and we barely hear about it. And we don't know the exact disapproval or "don't care" or whatever, of the population with regards to anything they do.

Just imagine now that said dipshit keeps doing whatever he pleases, and people disapprove en masse, garnering say 90%+ disapproval on one measure, then another. Pretty soon, it's not just generalized disapproval. It's KNOWN and PROVABLE generalized disapproval. This is very different.

If you disagree with a proposed bill or whatever, are you going to draw up a sign and drive to whichever place the dude is at, and start chanting "don't want it" or whatever? Nope, you surely wouldn't do it ALONE.

But if you know that 40,000 of your closest friends are equally enraged at these measures and they know there are that many of them, then there is likelihood that SOMETHING will happen, be it email flooding, protests, boycotts, whatever. The possibilities are endless.