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    All "God" has to do to prove that he is real is show his face. But he cannot do that if he does not exist.

    God doesn't have a literal face.

    Yes, "God" deserves whoreship for sacrificing himself to himself to save us from himself because of a rule he made himself. "God" is a nut job.

    That's Christianity. I follow the Old Testament.

    I was really turned off there and wanted to stop reading, but went for it anyways. If you ask two people who claim believe in the same god, you will soon realize that they do not follow the same god. Why does "God" always want exactly what I want?

    Any word or concept will vary slightly in meaning between people. What matters is the essence of the idea. In the case of God, I described the essence as having the characteristics I listed. The test of this is whether other believers in God recognize my concept of God as valid. And they do. I attended my local conservative mosque for years before the local communists (Texas government) shut it down, and the Muslims there all accepted my view of God.

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      I don't know what this comment relates to. I didn't express any opinion on Christianity, and in fact I used Isaac Newton, a Christian, as an example of a monotheist.