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I had a close relative who helped trace the family tree to 900 A.D. They were also able to trace even further back, but without names, by using migration records.

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Very interesting! How far did they go? Was it very close to BC times?

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I think it went as far back as the Germanic tribes of the 5th century. My ancestors were forced out of central Europe and into Flanders and Normandy by them. Eventually migrating to the British Isles and then Canada and the U.S. between 1600 and 1900 AD.

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Wow! Very interesting!

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I know many of my ancestors, at least on one side of my family tree, surprisingly well.

When the Nazis ruled in Germany, you had to bring proof of ancestry to get into literally any position these Jewish dwarfs considered important. And then one of my (now: deceased, sadly) great-grandfathers put a lot of effort into de-obfuscating even more parts of this family tree of mine.

As far as I can understand, my ancestors were robber-barons when the dark-ages ended in Central-Europe. In today's Czech Republic and former north-eastern Bavaria (Franconia). I seemingly even have relatives in Pennsylvania that emigrated to US in the 19. Century. When the drought years just before the German revolution of 1848 forced so many people to search for alternatives.

But since nobody put effort into tracing these relatives of mine so far, I don't know their possible names now.

Maybe when I hit my sixties, I'll start investigating these relations more thoroughly again.

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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this information!

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Yes but the trouble is you're going to start finding the same ancestors on multiple branches of your tree.