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Thanks for the info. I'm glad you've created a sub here; this is probably the best of the alt-reddits.

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That's very nice of you to say. Thank you. I will do my best to keep posting content. My r/runebooks sub got killed as well so might start up a book saidit as well.

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the place won't be the same without you bro

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Thanks man. It's probably a good thing. I have some side projects and of course lots of reading I've been meaning to tackle.

I hope that if the last big dissident right subs like r/debatealtright go down we can get a good chunk of people to transfer here or some other similar vote ranked forum. I'd hate for us all to just get scattered to the wind. I worry because both the mde and the cringeanarchy subs that attempted to start up on saidit were dead within a weak. Fren world is also essentially dead. Such a shame.

Please put the warning out on the weekendgunnit honeypot.

I had the suspicion that reddit was leaving that sub up to entrap us but like a moth to the flame I couldn't help myself!

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I've always enjoyed what you've shared. Reddit has been taking a nosedive lately.

If you listen to this interview Huffman does with a Vox journalist, he has fully removed the mask of trying to be neutral to right-wingers.

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Waltzroommate asked me to ask you to DM him if you can

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So I did DM and waltz never got back to me. Waltz needs to make a profile on saidit that's all there is too it.