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Biomass is directly converted into energy, through a natural process.

Work effort, or proof of work generates currency, as you are paid for your effort.

What you have created here, is little more than a framework, ripe for exploit.

In addition, over time, as people become more accustomed to thinking in terms of energy values, other transactions within the community could also transition from the current currency-based unit of account to an energy-based unit of account.

It's like you are rewriting the W.E.F's wet dream, and asking people to gaslight themselves. Carbon footprints, carbon credits, ESG funds. Any of that sound familiar?

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Can't you see that I am really re-writing the WEF's wet dream - turning it into their worst nightmare:
People realizing we have everything needed to de-corporatize, to de-couple from the Oligarchs
- first, energy - the perennial problem turns out to be easy to solve using organic waste from the food we eat, more if you have livestock
- next, money - it is just a medium of exchange, let's just create our own
- then, value - stated in unchangeable unit of measurement (unlike fiat currency) akin to language. Can language be outlawed?

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Yes, easy to solve. All you have to do is convince approximately 4 billion people to abandon existing systems, and go along with everything you've said here without deviation, even though all you have are vague ideas. You have no more than 25 viewers, and zero up votes. Worst of all, this isn't even the right sub.

Can language be outlawed?

Worse, it can be subverted.

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Yes, easy to solve.

I was referring to the energy problem - as you yourself had pointed out, it is a natural process.

I use SaidIt, just as others use Substack i.e. as a base.
I have cross-posted this and my other posts to the main subs on SaidIt.
I have also suggested to u/Magnora7 et al to allow posts focused on solution(s) to be pinned on main subs - to no avail.

i can only do my part - share & discuss my thoughts if others engage in good faith.

Everyone has to decide whether they stand - part of the problem, or part of the solution.

Worse, it can be subverted.

The internet can be and has been subverted - just look at SaidIt's front page - that did not stop you from using it.
But (re)claim it, we must and not simply surrender...

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That natural process is rot.

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That natural process is rot.

Get everyone still on the Corporate grid (with no say) to also know this,
AND sign up for a participatory Consumer Community Cooperative Model
that would
Optimize Yield & Scale for Gas & Electricity Generation, Address Regulatory Requirements
Leverage the Energy Generation for issuing a readily accepted & circulated, Local Community Currency
(since Co-op Producer uses it to pay for Waste Feedstock, and accepts it as payment for Final Goods and Services - )
Shift everyone away from the fiat currency unit of measurement which is stealing by stealth...

This post lays out a broad vision
- not an instructional manual, that would have to be worked out by a larger group, not one person
The ultimate Goal: usurper-freeDom

A relevant quote by Master Gatekeeper Chomsky:
“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”

Broaden your horizon - look at the bigger picture...

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Energy should be free or cheap. Energy based (or crypto-mined) currency is a scam.

A local or regional center that recycled and had digesters and a pyrolysis plant would be good, though.

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You completely missed the point of this post

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Sounds like you're proposing energy based currency as a solution.

Energy based currency is a scam. It's not a solution. It's as useless as trading current money that isn't backed by anything.

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B$ for sustainably produced energy (from organic waste) is not the same as energy consuming cryptos.

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It's still energy-based currency, which, again, should be free or cheap.

B$ is BS.

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Your "argument" is BS.
Show me your solution to make energy cheap or free.
So much (il)logic coming from a SaidIt Moderator. Thanks very much u/Magnora7 /s.


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Go research it yourself.

It is becoming more obvious that you are just a manipulator and shill/troll.

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u/Magnora7 Please note the quality of discussion by this SaidIt moderator

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Hell, note that you yourself play games by repeatedly linking and relinking your "content" which serves to corral and limit discussion.

You contradict yourself often and try hard to sound intelligent by making up a bunch of idiotic terms for crap but then follow the same behavior as those you supposedly seek to subvert/overthrow.

I don't feel that I owe you, a time-wasting goober who can't handle criticism, anything.