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Another method to account for Our energy added. Which is an archaic practice and offers a path to power over Others - more "credits," more opportunity to buy the things and the People so as to control. Like media, publishing, p-HARM-a, medical establishments, governments (yes, the US controlmind is a for-profit corporation since 1871, like all controlminds around Our planet owned by the same Ones), and then do things like... Plan a demic to get death jabs into Most.

It also retains the barrier between Us and Our wealth. All born to this planet have an interest in its wealth. But... They keep it in "trusts" and don't tell Us. Every One of Us is a multimillionaire if not a billionaire.

I offer My work to solve for the problem of psychopaths in control and effectively return Our wealth to Us:

Is Money Evil? (14 min):

The Detailed Blueprint (for a Society of Ethical Sovereigns) (7 min):

Electrogravitics: Gravity Control & Energy from the Aether (9 min):


Money... Do We Need It?:

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My attempt:
In CES, any Sale & Purchase is a Record

  1. The Seller gets a Credit for the Sale
  2. The Buyer gets a Debit for the Purchase
  3. Future Debit/s (Purchase/s) will offset against the present Credit
  4. Future Credits (Sales/s) will offset against the present Debit

Hence, money is not required
For a person to purchase something, what is required:
the spending is recorded: a recorded Purchase (Debit) = a recorded Sales (Credit)
- this the easy part of CES
The real challenge is the "earning" part
For a person to earn something, what is required:
- a person needs the skills or things that are valued
that others would be willing to spend on
Why? Because most work as employees to earn wages
That part is unclear under CES to me - at least for the moment - maybe it would become clearer / easier to understand over time
Whilst small businesses could opt for CES, Corporations are unlikely to do so
unless Corporations are replaced by Co-operatives...

The challenge maybe easier to tackle if we can all first:

  • agree our present reality: We are in usurperDom - full spectrum usurpation
  • share a common value: Real freedom - usurper-free Dom
    --- and do all we can reciprocally to protect against usurpation

BUT can we?