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Q: What caused Humanity's fall from the Economic Garden of Eden?

A: The 99% unconsciously and tacitly (unquestioningly) transited

  • from 'credit': a measure and record of community gifts/exchanges/trades,
    i.e. an outcome from exchanges = spontaneous communal credit

  • to "money': a commodity/thing to store value and a requirement/medium for exchanges,
    that led to it becoming monopolized credit
    and with that
    Humanity banished self from the Direct Exchange Economy @ the Economic Garden of Eden (see below)

It is this commoditization that provides the means for the 1% to usurp the 99% economically - that they would otherwise not have

With credit commoditized as money: the 1% monopolized & exploited its availability
- restricting & directing money for exchanges that serve their agenda

Else, if credit is un-commoditized: the 1% would have no means to control exchanges by the 99%
- unshackled, exchanges amongst the 99% would flourish naturally

Since economies in reality continue to operate on credit (“money” is just a commoditized and restricted/monopolized form of credit)
all the 99% need to do
(1) Decide: which type of credit (system) serves the bulk of humanity best:
-- monopolized credit, or non-monopolized credit?
The answer should be self-evident!

(2) Direct Change: the simple act of uncloaking "materiality” from credit in one's own mind
-> seeing it as merely a measure & record of exchanges, not a thing for storing value or exchanges
THUS choosing to NOT BE restricted / mind AND economically shackled
-- will enable a return to the Direct Exchange Economy @ the Economic Garden of Eden
-- will immunize the 99% from economic usurpation by the 1%