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Beyond excellent, I fully agree.

Also, I created the tool to unshackle one's mind. Fully. Absolutely.

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        Where we differ (style) is trivial relative to our fundamental agreement (this corporate system we are all contributing to - while simultaneously being exploited by - must be explicitly recognized and rejected). Keep on keeping on.

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        FYI, I updated the last link in the post above with this nutshell.
        ICYMI, Please check out my pinned post for more brevity, i.e. in pictures
        Looking forward to your thoughts & input on how we tackle this.

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        So, I agree mostly, but question this part:

        -- focus them on the branches / make them the fringe> 'Become a Prepper' 'Decentralized Money' 'Decentralized Communications

        While removing their power is important, those are ways to achieve it.

        They are trying to push hate speech laws with punishments for using a VPN, even. They want to remove your access to the internet if you're a "threat" If there is no place or mechanism to even connect, what then?

        Currency? Same thing. Economy is in bad shape, intentionally. Even if it's a tactic, we have to consider alternate currency.

        Above all, prepper is important too. Even, just creating long-term storage of HEALTHY food seems very important.

        These are also all methods of rejecting them. By removing your reliance on their system, you remove a bit of the hold over you. If you can convince others, then that's even more power that they lose. I'm sure they have counter strategies, but to me it is a way of fighting back in some form.

        I will admit that some of the homesteading channels seem like they could be actors or something seemed off. I'd noticed this before but didn't make sense to me that they'd potentially use prepping a distraction, so chalked it up more that people were just trying to profit off of yt monetization. I'll have to ponder on your perspective a bit more.

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        For Real Change, let's consider:

        • speed of change
        • risk of subversion
        • impact of change
        • certainty of outcome

        The Present🔺Paradigm undergirds the Present Systems

        The Present Systems:

        • have already in operation, various Schemes with different frequency, intensity, scope of impact
          • e.g. financial instability & eventual system-wide collapse (i.e. Boom-Bust Cycle) is a design feature of the Fiat & Corporate Money Scheme.
        • may (not) push through Scheme X next

        To distract from, and to protect:

        • the Present Other Schemes
        • the Present Systems that brought them about and
        • most importantly, the Present🔺Paradigm that undergirds everything

        (IMO) they raise, direct & surveil dissidents' energy as follows:

        • be afraid of the future Scheme X - be 'Anti-X'
        • be against any one of the Present Schemes (Rants =HeatSink, Petition, Protest, Strike) including Trojan Horse Solution(s)
        • be against any one or more of the Current System Actors / Parties (not the System itself)
        • down Rabbitholes: "the Cabal" - their past, present & future agenda
          They are intended to:
        • slowdown / halt real change
        • subvert real change
        • limit impact of change
        • result in no real change

        In contrast, focusing on People's Own Paradigm -- usurper-free Dom -- Real Change would be

        • rapid - almost instantaneous (see video under 'an analogy' here)
        • difficult to subvert
        • broad in impact
        • certain, as different pieces of the puzzle will be bolstered and cemented by the New Paradigm and through Accretive Dialogue

        Also, since the Present Systems consistently deprive the citizenry their citizen rights
        -- 'X' is merely the next Scheme, other schemes can be introduced in the future --
        i.e. the citizenry is at risk of limitless usurpation under the Present Systems,

        then the appropriate response to X is to change the Present Systems, and not just be "anti-X".

        In Summary: Our Focus Algorithm
        Paradigm: usurper-shunned > usurper-centred
        .> Systems: Direct Systems > Indirect Systems
        . > Systems Actors / Schemes / Rabbitholes


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        Economy is in bad shape, intentionally. Even if it's a tactic, we have to consider alternate currency.

        I have posted / replied to posts specifically on this

        On elite-free Means of Exchange @ Currenseas:
        I have linked to this in a number of my posts & cross-posts

        If we are serious about doing something about it pre-collapse, then for Accretive Dialogue to prepare for/alleviate the impact, the moderators of s/Finance (u/magnora7, u/Zapped) could pin posts on ideas/ solutions to the sub.