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"Controlled Opposition" could mean
as in the foregoing
1. those who "lead" against the narratives, but not against the system
2. those who follow (1)
3. those who "lead" the rail against the system, but do not offer real solutions, leading to profound cynicism & helplessness
4. those who follow (3)
5. those who "challenge the system" but in a limited fashion (e.g. write), for whatever reasons.
I maybe guilty of (5), but s/WritingsOnTheWall is intended challenge the current paradigm with direct change ideas to decenter the current system.

More specifically, please check out Co-ops4All
The outcome formula is very simple:
A. Normalize the "elites'" agenda - they win
B. Normalize our agenda - we win
Those whose focus is:
a. on the "elites'" agenda, are doing A
b. on our agenda, are doing B
c. not on our agenda, are not doing B, ie not resisting the "elites"