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"These thieves are getting bolder and bolder. They're not even trying to sneak anymore."
"Is that supposed to be stealthy? Because I can see you just fine."
"Nice try, but if you want to get past me, you will need more practice. After you get out of jail that is."
"Wherever you are, I will find you!"
"I swear I just heared something. Ah well, must have been the wind."
"What is this? An arrow in my friends throat? I should go back to sleep."
"God, guard duty is boring. Nothing ever happens. If I could at least take a litle sip of booze here and there... But then they say: "No Gordon, you gotta stay alert Gordon, if you ever get drunk on duty again we're gonna throw you from the wall, Gordon!"" Sigh "What a shitty job."

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'Carlo, Look at that! That guy thinks he is invisible.'
'Yes Roberto, but let's pretend we don't see him...'
'I am going to empty the piss-bucket, and you watch him..'
A moment later.
'That was right in his face, and he still didn't move.'
'Great show. I dropped him a penny, so he would think that he succeeded.'

'Carlo, there is that guy again.'
'Ok. What shall we do now?'
'You know that pile of shit behind the barn. Let's put something in it.'
'Yes. Great idea. I have a silver here. And an old ring.'
'Let's add some bread and cheese to see if he will eat it...'
"Nothing to see here!"
"Guarding the treasure behind the barn!"
"I hope no-one will steal it!"

'That was great again.'
'Did you see his face when he ate that bread?'
'What do we do next?'

"Nothing to see here!"
"Nobody here!"
"Secret treasure behind that door!"
"Don't let anyone in!"
"Did anyone open that door?"
"I didn't see anything!"

'He walked straight into the troll-caves. '
'I hope that guy survives. I never had so much fun.'
'I would not last a minute in that cave. That stench is overwhelming.'
'I told the trolls he might be coming, so they are prepared. They have rocks hiding in their piles, hallucinating mushrooms, traps.
And planned a staged fight with a big troll.
They want to let him win, and bring him outside as soon he passes out due to the gasses.'
'I heard trolls can regenerate, even from death.'
'Yes. They will have lots of fun.'