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You know those people who gatekeep Chomsky and say you shouldn't listen to him at all? This talk about Iran is the exact type of stuff the people who design that propaganda don't want you hearing and paying attention to.

US imperialistic goals are here laid bare. It's an open secret for anyone willing to pay attention.

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So well said. The smear campaign against him is relentless, yet he spells out the naked truth with such calm precision.

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Yes, but I question the geopolitical motivations of Israel. When Israel mamed Putin the man of the year in 2015 and we have faux-alternative media over here saying that Russia is bombing ISIS and preventing a power vacuum implemented by rearmament of radical sunnis by Israel and the US gulf war proxies, it seems odd that Putin would be that man. Unless, the obliteration of Syria was just a strategic destabilizarion plan for Israel at the expense of the people and that Assad who according to JTA, and Israel news has great relations with Israel, which you would not expect, considering the alternative media states the opposite, is co-opted.

It just seems to me that our entire government has been hijacked by Israel firsters; Jewish or gentile Zionists, with neoconservative and neoliberal austerity agendas.

They are merely using our military; they have hijacked it and lead it in the highest of positions. Same with the technocracy, Israel is at thr helm in silicon valley.

I think when the time comes and dedollarization occurs Israel will happily change sides and is doing currently as they are geograhpically orientated to benefit from the BRIC new economic alliance and the belt road initiative. Syria, Iran, Germany, Russia, Israel, China are all involved. Israel even sends US tech to China because they are traitors.

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I believe he might be a gatekeeper. The Corbett report did a good analysis video on him called, 'Chomsky: The Acedemic Gatekeeper' but then again, Corbett does have shady connections with the John Birch society. I think Chomsky says the right stuff most of the time but some things make me question his agenda, especially when it comes to his gatekeeping of Israel's obvious involvement in the WTC demolitions. Keep in mind, figures like Max Blumenthal, though they create great documentaries on Israel Lobby also have unfortunately illustrated their bleeding heart Zionism for Israel. Meaning, even on the left, they still have a biased view and at times a racist, egotistical view of themselves. If anything, Chomsky is promoting the multilateral, Austrian economic new economic order. I don't disagree with most of what he says, such as his view on Adam SMith and classical Liberalism free markets. I do question him though.

I wonder what his take on desollarizarion is, the Belt Road Inititive and Israel, Russia, China alliance.

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What little I know about Chomsky seems to indicate that he's a conspiracy theorist on par with the great Alex Jones himself. Just as Jones sees some sort of great conspiracy hanging over every incidental bump and scrape in life, Chomsky sees the ghost of American authorities looming over every item of news he consumes and subsequently propagates.

Oddly enough, Jones is rightfully seen as either a jokester or a joke himself, whereas Chomsky seems to have gotten a free pass from such ridicule and continues to hold quite seriously some of his more ludicrous beliefs.

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Now for the weekly designation of Chomsky as a "self-hating Jew" by the Likud-Zionist wing.

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Yeah. Likud party was founded by terrorists

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I’m not a Chomsky fan when it comes to domestic politics but he hardly misses when it comes to international politics and this is no exception.

My one quibble would be that I’m fairly certain the US is the puppet of the world central banking system and not the other way around.

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My one quibble would be that I’m fairly certain the US is the puppet of the world central banking system and not the other way around

Destroying Iran benefits Israel. The US gains nothing.

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It might benefit Israel. However, the Belt Road Inititve does invite Iran, Isreal, China and Russia into the game, with the US out. If anything Israel is using the US for her own benefit.

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Are you suggesting that destroying Iran benefits Israel, and the US gains nothing

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Explain Like I'm Five: What is the whole deal with Iran? What does he mean by a deterrent and how is it a threat to the world?

E: I watched the video but I could not understand well.

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The whole deal with Iran is that the west (US/Europe/Israel) used to own Iran. In 1954 the US installed the Shah.

However in 1979, there was a people's revolution in response to this, and they put in a very religious and anti-west leader ever since.

And this really got the goat of the west's leaders, so they've been trying to crack that nut ever since. They want to re-overthrow the government.

But the problem is that Iran isn't really doing anything bad to justify (in the eyes of the public) militarily attacking Iran. So there is this whole narrative cooked up about how Iran is "a threat to the world" and they're constantly searching for weapons that don't exist, to justify a hot war.

Iran knows this, and has been walking the tightrope for many decades now.

Iran and Syria represent the last two places the west has been unable to full conquer.

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Why isn't the West letting Iran be independent?