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He's pretty much spot on.

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they think jesus comes back once islam's gaudy mosque is removed and the temple rebuilt

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I think there is an element of "hurting the right people" to it as well.

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Christian Zionsim is a very powerful force which goes back long before Jewish Zionism, in England particularly.

How can Christian Zionism be older than Jewish Zionism? I thought Jews invented Zionism in 1850 or so. Surely these "British Christian Zionists" were working with and inspired by Jewish Zionists. Also some of these British elites like the Rothschilds were Jewish but he seems to be implying they were all Christian.

I did enjoy and learn from other parts of this video though.

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Yeah I would be surprised if Christian Zionism is older the Jewish Zionism. I guess you could maybe argue it in the sense that Zionism didn't really have any power until the Christian monarchy of England approved it and began backing it and funding it. But still the ideology of modern Zionism originates from the Rothschilds in the 1800s as you say. But it also has roots that go way back thousands of years, they just revived it and put money and power behind it.

Similar to the Knights Templar. They were a huge organization in the 1200s, then basically died out. Then someone in the 1800s brought back the name as a secret fraternal organization, but it's not really related to the original organization. I think you could perhaps make a similar argument about Zionism, and maybe that's what he means about modern Zionism having Christian roots. Kind of still a bit strangely worded though on his part, I don't know

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Meet useless_aether, Noam Chomsky gatekeeper.

If someone is telling you so hard not to listen to someone, maybe it's because they fear what they will say?

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let the people watch the video i posted without spreading fud..

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That's funny! I wish I had come up with that when I was posting Choam (and UA s gatekeeping).

In UA's defense something is definitely up with the selective nature of Choam's facts and arguments.

He denies the Truther movement. He claims not to understand that level of physics, which is beyond belief for "the smartest man in the world".

He says the banksters Fed isn't a problem for the US.

He openly admits to being a Jewish Zionist.

He's working for someone's cause.
I'm a fan of much of what he says. It's what he doesn't say....

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He openly admits to being a Jewish Zionist.

Source? I don't think that's true at all. He seems pretty anti-zionist, but he keeps his cards close to his vest.

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I'll find it.

While I look. Here's one where he claims the Israeli lobby is insignificant..

It's completely absurd.

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Actually he here is saying the jewish lobby is one of the driving forces in the military-industrial complex that has taken over the US government dollars and is siphoning tax dollars.

He seems to definitely be saying the opposite as your title implies. This whole video is him calling out the jewish lobbying power's strong ties to the MIC, and how that is the main driver of US foreign policy and wartime action...

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Here's one where he described the nebulous nature of being a Zionist. He was at one point an anti-Jewish-state Zionist youth leader.

He's an anarchist (which I'm not condemning), so he's anti-state in almost all situations.
Zionism in his view is apparently independent of a state.

Note: The interviewer seems surprised to hear this admission, and actually glances into the camera at this point. Which I find funny. To her credit, She quickly regains composure.

I should have clarified. I don't think that Chomsky directly supports the actions of the state of Israel. Just that he is a Zionist by his own admission.

I'm a fan of Chomsky's work, and generally agree with his world view. Not everything, though.

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Where in the video did he say "Zionism is independent of a state"

He spent most of the video talking about how Israel isn't compatible with what he wants as a jew and how he feels zionism falsely speaks for jews as a whole.

He says he supported zionism back in the creation era of Israel, but now it's become simply an imperialistic Israeli nationalism ideology and he doesn't feel represented by it

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He thinks the offical story of 9/11 is true.

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Yeah no one is perfect.

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Where in the video did he say "Zionism is independent of a state"

He didn't. However, there is actually much more to this story.

As I understand it; at that time there was not a formal state of Palestine. No Palestinian military, etc. The ottoman empire was dismantled after ww1. Palestine was part of that empire and had been protected by it for centuries, so it didn't have any formal protection.
This made it an easier target for Zionism than most places, although other regions (such as the Patagonia region of South America) were considered by early Zionist.
There was also christian support for Zionism to this region.

Chomsky supported a Jewish Zionist return to that region, and infact moved there for some time to a kibutsin collective. Many would consider this certifiable Zionism.

He opposes the formal state of Israel, but he considers all state power and authority to be illegitimate. Chomsky is an anarchist, and lectures on anarchist thought, and philosophy.

Anarchism is a philosophy that requires all authority to justify itself. If it cannot, then it should be dismantled, and social structures rebuilt from the bottom up.
Rinse and repeat, with the next power structure, and so on.
I'm confident you're already aware of this, but the community may not.

Therefore, he is opposed to state power in general, and favors the bottom-up grassroots form of human social organization. Local groups, organized in federated associations, etc.

Infact, his first published article was in support for the Catalonian anarchist movement during the 1930's Spainish civil war. He is a well established anarchist.

He's a Zionist by statement, and action. He's also an anarchist, by statement and action.

Would not you agree that he is an anti-state Zionist?

Edit: My point was that there is more going on with Chomsky than is overtly stated.
I agree that Chomsky is a gatekeeper.

Although, I agree with much of what he says.
However, the Fed is an indefensible fraud.
It's suspicious that Chomsky supports it...

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Very interesting. So Chomsky's 1940s anti-state Zionism was moving to the region to live in communes but not to create a formal nation for the Jewish people? I wonder if that was a fringe belief at the time or not- he does say Zionism has changed a lot which I guess implies that the belief was not too fringe. I guess that means he was for and against the Balfour declaration, trying to have your cake and eat it too maybe.

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Then he suggests that the lobby could be reigned in by wearing a suit and tie, and protesting the lobby to Goldman Sachs, and the weapons manufacturers.
As if that would quickly neuter the lobby. That's ridiculous, and he knows it.

Do you think that this lobby is a weak organization, with little or no government and corporate support?

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Spot on man, Chomsky is minimizing/avoiding/calling it absurd. I'd like to see a clip where he directly addresses actual Jewish lobbying groups in the US.

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That would be interesting.

He could tell them how weak they are.

They could brag to him about how they control the media.

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This part seems a bit evasive and dismissive to me, although he does drive home the "MIC loves Israel" point for the rest of the video.

0:50 Can it really be that a small ethnic lobby controls US policy? If anybody believes that thesis, there's a tactical suggestion that follows immediately... [gives a weird scenario about confronting CEOs, uses "little lobby" again] ...Does anybody pursure it? No, because it's absurd. The claim... [wanders off onto another topic]

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It's completely ridiculous.

MIC contractors DGIF about public consensus. It's not possible for an average citizen to purchase their products. They couldn't care less what we think.

They care about media PR (public support for war and conflict). Companies like Boeing actually have commercials, but no one can buy a plane. They are buying support from the media.

They also care about govt contracts, for obvious reasons.

Confronting a CEO does less than nothing. It gets you arrested.

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Yeah I mean he realizes he's walking hot coals anytime he even addresses that issue. But the fact he's calling out christian Zionism at all, by name, and tying it to US foreign policy, is a level of honesty very few others display. Especially people of his caliber and position.

But yeah he does dodge the issue sometimes. But the fact he actually openly pushes back against zionism instead of just kowtowing 100% to it, is a minor miracle.