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Same as the ACLU.

I remember how they pushed oversight to not accept redistricting proposals in Mississippi, unless they contained the ACLU's current whim idea that there should be an all-black district. After the oversight body rejected the bi-partisan proposed redistricting several times, they made it clear that they were working with the ACLU and the all-black district was required. The legislators gave in and drew up a redistricting map with the requirement, which they did accept....

...then it was sued in court as racist gerrymandering. With a long and drawn out court proceeding, eventually involving the Supreme Court, it was deemed racist gerrymandering. Yet, Judge Ruth Ginsburg dissented, specifically mention the manipulation of the oversight body.

This incident has became a cliche and often repeated historical story of racial gerrymandering. It is also frequently dishonestly attributed to Republicans, although a single party blame is total nonsense. The controversy and manipulation by the ACLU is, of course, usually is not mentioned either.

...and history repeats as Alabama currently finds its self in a similar predicament.

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Ruth Ginsburg

Always the jew

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That is quite interesting, thanks.

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From their inception, yes.