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is it really a problem to get a little "bells palsy" to make sure that you are protected from getting the common flu?


covid is a political scam that was intended to serve multiple purposes.. 1) shutdown the trump rallies. 2) shutdown the world.. 3) allow china some wiggle room to takeover the world.

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It's even worse.

The "vaccine" doesn't seem to really protect against anything. Yet it harms and fatally so.

They're relying on yet another correlation-causation fallacy without controlled groups.

They don't isolate for behaviors/lifestyles and ages properly.


Group Vaxxed: more normies.

  • Includes more mainstream pharma or complacent people of the middle of the health spectrum. "Get the jab." "Yes, massa, anything you say, massa, omg I love FREEEE donuts! SCIENCE is soooo cool, WOW!" (shaking with excitement over tyrannical medical tyranny "keys/passes" that "unlock" the ability to do basic things "in the city" like shop for food)

Group Clean: more independent people.

  • Includes more of both extremes of the health spectrum: very healthy ("Your NWO poison pseudoscience propaganda is a joke. Your political pursuits are a scourge of the planet that need to be resisted and eliminated to really Save The Planet.") and the apathetic with poorer health ("Fuck it, dude").

Relative Rate Claims:

"1 in 10,000 vaxxed died of a 'covid death'"!

"9 in 10,000 clean died of a 'covid death'"!

"90% of 'covid deaths' are unvaccinated, you better panic and inject yourself perpetually with our magic potions!" (hysteria propaganda based on the relativity of what are actually low rates)

I see no evidence of them isolating for the "vaccine" itself. It's obvious to anyone with higher intelligence that the numbers are very probably reflecting the slightly higher negative fringes of Group Clean who are already on death's door, not the result of their "vaccine" status, in another case of faulty correlation-causation to sell the agenda.

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Do you have any ideas about how this situation can be resolved?

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In the art of fighting this type of tyranny, the most important stages:

  1. Waking people up to realize they're entering a state of tyranny; bursting their cognitive dissonance bubbles.
  2. Righteousness: without more minds/hearts/bodies, there's nothing and no one to fight. The people must know and feel it's righteous.
  3. Resistance, non-compliance, symmetric and asymmetric "warfare".
  4. Memes.
  5. Psychological warfare is all tactics including active opposition and passive opposition (delay tactics, feigning submissiveness while not complying), and buying time.
  6. Not punching downward in a negative sense, only in a positive sense (encouraging truths vs. inciting animosity against someone who may listen) that leads to better outcomes.
  7. (in contrast to #6): Calling out evil, blasting shills, not tolerating globalist appeasers. This type of "negativity" is positivity, hence CIA/Mossad has so many operations dedicated to psyops that overwhelm forums to skew the pervading sentiment (moralize-demoralize). Globalist henchmen and mass profile astroturfing (in these operations, 1 human controls from 100 to 1000s of separate identities/profiles, and is pinged when to respond as a full time psyop job): these people (whether they're regular globalist normies or "IDF" pros) must not be allowed to get too much of their feet into the door of your site skewing the pervading sentiment or it demoralizes and subverts the outcome. Edit: worth pointing out that having some of these people enter the door is perfect because it sets them up for having their arguments dismantled in plain view and this redpills lurkers.
  8. Advanced tactics/shilling/astroturfing/reverse-psychology. I won't get into this here, but just briefly e.g. Posing as the other side to wake people up (from within) within their own groups, with tactical or ironic logic that short-circuits the NPC brain forming self-doubt --- or that gets people looking from the outside to question or hate that group. Globalists are experts at this subversion by infiltrating groups and making them look bad with just one or two provocateurs physically and psychologically.

Memes cutting through bubbles with comedy are still the greatest low-effort psychological weapon ("the people's weapon") when faced against a cabal that controls the full spectrum of globalist mainstream psychological warfare. That creates enough bodies who are then standing by willing to protest on the streets or at least say "NO WAY, NOT TODAY, NOT EVER" to the New World Order.

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I'm glad to see that some of these politicians are eating their own dog food.

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he already had it more fakes news

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.“About 48 hours ago I felt a pain in my skull behind my right ear."

Why are you shilling? Does it pay for your uber eats?

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name checks out

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So when are vaccinated people going to start dying? I want to watch them die horrible deaths like when the Loc-Nar dissolved people.

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You'll be waiting quite a while. If you want to watch the vaccinated die however, you just need to wait till mid September or October. They will be dropping like flies around that time.