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Boycott YT and Google!

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yes, boycott the nice restaurant and go outside and eat from the garbage dumpster.

youtube dont give a fk what you do.

good riddance, says youtube.

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Boycott and create or support a better alternative. You got to start somewhere, and often the most robust crops are grown out of pure shit.

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yes, boycott the nice restaurant and go outside and eat from the garbage dumpster.

Yes, we can no longer do anything for ourselves, we can have nice things only if and when a corporation decides to give them to us. Let's support only one of every type of platform, so that they have as much control over what we see and hear as possible.

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That's not a nice restaurant but a fast food stall serving high sodium cockroach pulp.

If we left reddit, we can leave youtube as well.

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LOL, you saidit!

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as a content creator, where should you post then?

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YouTube alternatives and video decentralization list

Multistream to 30+ Platforms
The best way to stream live video to 30+ platforms simultaneously for free.


It would be nice if there was something similar for just uploading.

One of these days I'm going to migrate the /s/DecentralizeAllThings/wiki to WikiSpooks along with other tech alternatives and solutions.

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Good stuff, thanks! Looks like there's more as I scroll down. Happy to see it!

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LBRY is a pretty good decentralized option, PeerTube, is Ben Swann's new platform which seems promising.

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/s/DownTheMemoryHole is d3rr's PeerTube instance.

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BitChute is a good one

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Plenty of political Youtubers that were banned or fear getting banned have already migrated there. The interface is not very intuitive though. Also, not everyone has the time to make a thumbnail for every video. The audio on Bitchute is a bit more lofi/metallic compared to similar Youtube videos.

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Yeah, my biggest issue is the interface and the lack of features. To be fair if you don't want to make a thumbnail you can just take a screenshot of some part of the video.

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Also BitChute doesn't allow downloads and their web torrenting never worked.

To download problematic BitChute videos /u/Ynlinga wrote a browser addon:

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Also BitChute doesn't allow downloads

Is that a recent development? I think I downloaded a couple of videos some weeks ago.

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Correction: allow provide

You can hack a download, as mentioned, or with a video downloader addon. But BitChute doesn't provide one, though they used to offer WebTorrrents that never worked - but I haven't seen them in a while.

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I remember I downloaded a video during the first week of July, but can't remember if I fed it to a 3rd party downloader.

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I make, selfless plug.

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You mean you run

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  1. Buy your own easy to remember domain name.
  2. Overlay your domain name in the bottom corner of your videos.
  3. Include a brief opening and ending sequence on all of your videos instructing people that they can always find your content on your website.
  4. Always keep your website updated with your channel’s current location.

It’s the best you can do. If YouTube bans you then you can hope that a significant chunk of your viewers know to go directly to your own website for more information.

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WARNING: Youtube shadowbans comments

Youtube shadowbans comments that trigger the shitlib AI. For example, when I post replies that correct the record on the real black-white interracial crime rates to try to inform brainwashed retards, those are usually shadowbanned. You can use clever ways of getting around it by altering the letters or word structure. It's the combinations of words like "black","interracial","crime" triggering it.

The shadowban is at the account level mostly (not IP), unless you're a real spammer, so you can check this way:

  1. Copy link to the comment (it's the timestamp).

  2. Incognito mode: check link, expand comments.

  3. See if your comment is there.

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    [–]JasonCarswell 4 insightful - 2 fun4 insightful - 1 fun5 insightful - 2 fun -  (15 children) is over.

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    Use any of the other Invidious instances (I quite like Snopyta's for having the proxy video setting on by default).

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    TIL Thanks!

    Edit: Still broken. Trying to get: /s/conspiracy/comments/6g5o/israel_systematically_hides_escaped_american/p0cg

    Not just for that video, but a solution to get all the blocked ones.

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    The video in the comment you link to works for me on Did you try with the proxy video settings on, or the dash video quality enabled, or both? If not, I would recommend trying that if the problem is they're blocked since both these settings find a proxy server that isn't geoblocked.

    [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (11 children) doesn't fully work for me. The proxy is on, and I even created an account, but I've tried many times with many of the instances and can't download. Oddly enough it plays within the Invidious instance. I can watch it, which is good, but I like to archive everything to one day share again.

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    Just right-click on the video and press the 'Save video as' button. The download button on all the instances I use is broken for me too.

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    OMG, I was so focused on the "download" button that I hadn't thought of that.
    Unfortunately the "save video as..." is greyed out.
    As I inspect the page I can't find the video either.
    Finding a solution in general would be good, but I don't need this particular video.

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    The button is not greyed out for me. When it is, is always when the video doesn't play, so the video playing within the instance but the save video button is very odd.

    I have two solutions. One would be to play the video in the instance and record it with a screen recorder. The other would be to click on the 'page info' button (that is right next to the U.R.L. in the address bar), click on the button with 'More Information...' on it, click on the 'Media' tab, find the video, and press the 'Save as...' button.

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    The "download" button is fine but when pressed opens another tab that fails.

    The right click over video menu has "save video as..." greyed out, along with a couple other options, while all the working options are in white.

    What browser do you use? I'm in Brave.

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    I do use Vidlii, but I haven't post more videos on my bitchute account either.

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      I understand why magnora would ban you for repeatedly editorializing your article titles with incendiary bullshit. We try to stick to facts and reducing bias here. It started out as