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Unless they have changed designs in the last couple of years, the "rockets" are unguided, flying pipe bombs, so they rarely hit anything, whereas bombing a hospital is hitting a large target with high tech planes, and other weapons. No comparison, as usual. Of all the targets to choose, a hospital? Shalom.

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I call bullsh*t ..

In January 2009 Jews bombed Gaza in response to the claim Hamas was firing rockets, the rockets were empty pipes fired just meters from Israeli watchtowers while the rocketeers were Jews, else why did an alleged Hamas operator have a Star of David tattoo.

In the light of missile attacks against the US at the WTC and the Pentagon by Israel September 11, 2001, the patriotic response must be to demand war against Israel and Zionism world wide. Hamas is Israel's Creation.

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The title should say, "Israeli pilot's fire American guided missles down on Gaza, after hoax militants, fired hoax rockets, at hoax Israeli targets."