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At least he didn't bend the knee: that never works, and always emboldens predators to ruin the victim's life

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I know this doesn't apply in this case, but as an aside:

One thing I find irritating is the pressure to conform to the outward showing of inclusiveness, by raising a particular flag, or wearing a poppy around Remembrance Day etc. Just because someone doesn't want to push an outward showing of being inclusive, doesn't mean they aren't.

In the case with Currie, I don't think that his reason is strong enough to not fly the flag, as being supportive of homosexuality doesn't mean all people will be. However if people want to do it themselves, to make the counter point then have at it. This kind of thing should generate open discussion

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Government shouldn't fly any flag except the national flag. It either represents ALL the people or it represents none of the people and flying a particular group's flag is showing favoritism.

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Any flag that the government chooses to fly must be displayed at a lower level to that of it's own. Or equal level on neutral grounds to a foreign government. As for movements, or religious flags. These are not things for a government body to encourage or discourage, to take on as an aspect of it's identity.

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I tend to agree with you here.

I found this the other day and found it interesting.