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Farmers got conned, now their land is worth nothing and it won't grow anything unless they buy lootbox nitrogen.

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They might want to find one that targets wasps, cause those Japanese hornets are rediculously dangerous.

Killer hornets making a beeline for the UK: Fears two-inch long insects that have left six dead in France could travel to Britain .

The two-inch-long Asian hornets pose a terrible danger to our honeybees.

It has colonised huge swathes of the country and, with a few hornets capable of destroying 30,000 bees in just a couple of hours, honey production has plummeted.

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i had hornets for a few years nesting in my cabin. but not orange ones like on that page. i didnt mess with them and had no problems, but i am happy they are gone. now i have bees living in a hollow tree and they already stung me. btw, i heard dragonflies will kill hornets, they are up to four-five inch in size around here. birds will prolly also do them in. i say just let nature sort it out.

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They're 1.8 inches long. The stinger is 1/4". The stinger injects deeper than the thickness of your skin. If you get stung by one of these then your heading to a clinic at a minimum. Here are some photos of people who have been stung.

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ugh, yeah. thats bad.