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I'm gonna be honest, I don't think that this really happened.

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You might be right. Who knows.

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Well, at the very least, here's some "evidence" on Tom Hanks and his son that's been going around, as well as Ellen being arrested/under house arrest. There's others and more evidence too (of varying validity), if you research it.

I personally am not throwing out any claims, just posting what I'm seeing going around.

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This instagram post from that article is sus af imo. It seems as if it were written for those "in the know", rather than the general public.. Especially with those numbers and the Corona Typewriter being the focus of the post's image..

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The virus "Novel" written on the "Corona" typewriter...

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To top everything off, we are getting a form of media-blackout about these situations, arrests and investigations being launched currently, and in the past months since Epstein's investigation due to the Coronavirus 'situation' that's taken over the MSM in the US. If you look these things up, you may come across some articles written by alternative media, but there's not much from MSM.

However, Australia is getting it in full (supposedly they have 3 major MSM outlets reporting on Tom's situation and the situation of other celebrities and politicians in full); if you check Tom Hanks' instagram, his posts are filled with people calling him a sick pedophile, and the majority of those people are Aussies if you click their profile. It's interesting how unaware American citizens are about their own celebrities, and how quiet everything is being kept by our media.

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Why is the typewriter in the wash room?

Are they going to "wash" humanity of its unwanted?

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I haven't seen evidence of "harsh" symptoms, any at all.

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I don't think anyone has seen any of the "harsh symptoms" caused by coronavirus on them either.

This, however many have been noting; it looks like they've aged years within a week, and they all act weird in several videos. They've blamed coronavirus for looking so terrible physically and the weird uploads/having misspoke or said weird things multiple times. But none of the normal people infected with coronavirus look aged like they do.

I'm hesitant of even making this comment due to getting attacked over simply knowing about it, but just an fyi to those who read, I don't claim to know anything or everything. I'm just speculating as the rest of the world is.

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How many of those people could be set ups to get rid of good actors, or have forced compliance, or actually have the virus, or are actually bad actors?

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pro tip: tin foil hats don't count as sauce

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Back under the bridge you go, troll.

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Neither does shit for brains.

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"Ironic?" I am not sure that means what you think it means.

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They're the upper-class. They have the most resources, intel and wealth to protect themselves from this, yet they're all "coming down with it", and coincidentally, those coming down with it are being investigated and have relations to Epstein lol.

I'm not sure you know what sarcasm is.

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Sarcasm does not work in writing except with the most skilled wordsmiths. You ought to avoid it.

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Sarcasm does not work in writing except with the most skilled wordsmiths. You ought to avoid it.

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