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Tiene Juevos grandes.

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Did you China has elections and 8 political parties?

I bet this guy has as much chance to win mayor as the other 7 parties have of winning the "election" in China.

Interesting story though, I wish him the best. That'd be amazing if he won somehow.

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I did not know about the Chinese parties. That's interesting.
It's more or less the same in the US, at the moment. 1 party; the business party with 2 major factions. Dissent is at a recent high water mark in the two parties, so there is hope.
I think you're right about the likelihood of the Palestinians mayor. I didn't know that Palestinians could vote. There are multiple legit parties in Israel. If Palestinians can vote, and there are enough opposition candidates to spread out the electorate... It's crazy to entertain.
The Israelis would/will probably make something up and imprison him.