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I wish he would have been POTUS. I have been follwing his career and still admire him. I was thinking of voting for Trump if the DNC screws Bernie again, but instead I think I might just write in Ron Paul again. Sadly, Rand (his son) is not in the same league.

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Ron Paul is a fool. He thinks 3 presidents should be charged with high crimes for taking the fight to Afghanistan, who sheltered Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda after destroying New York city skyscrapers and hijacking and crashing commercial airliners in the U.S., murdering almost 3000 people.

Afghanistan's ruling group at the time, the Taliban, refused to cooperate or allow the U.S. access to al-Qaeda camped out in their country.

Sure, the war's focus was blurry and objectives an overreach, but that's how it is with humans -- they're not as smart as they pretend to be.

But to call the invasion of Afghanistan "The Crime of the Century" and call for three presidents to be brought up on criminal charges is ludicrous. That people listen to this old windbag is due to the same human predicament that he's so intolerant of.