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too bad he was never in a position of power to help promote war spending cuts

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It's not rightwingism, it's globalism. You have to go past the old left/right axis, today it's all about nationalism/globalism. The only way to get a global governance is for the US military to conquer all remaining countries - Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, a few others - and then surrender its sovereignty to the UN or successor international organization.

Consider: "If four Chinese people are lifted into the middle class, and to get them there an American had to drop out of the middle class, that's a win."

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Yes, but keep in mind the current frontrunners and fromtmen espousing nationalism on today's world stage are overtly globalists playing carefully crafted roles. Even Trump stated that he was a Globalist and a Nationalist who was fond of the ideologies of the founders of the United Nations. That is because the one world government suits two different agendas. The communist, marxist, collectivist agenda, and the Zionist, Free-market world enterprise one run out of Jerusalem. The former is being used as a diversion tactic, so people will willingly accept the very real one that has been planned by Rockefeller's think tank Document, 'Prospects for America.'

Trump the Globalist, so-called 'Israeli first' nationalist is part of this plan. One way in which to achieve this economic order is to dedollarize and empower the BRIC alliance and Belt Road Initiative by making the U.S. look as bad as poasible and through, Isolationist policies that allow multilateralism or help to bolster Israel's alliance with China and Russia. For NO KING OF EDOM can take power under the one world free-market, Zionist controlled world empire. Which means the U.S. economy must collapse, and multilateralism from the east, i.e., Russia, Israeli-Russia and Chinese alliance must form in order to create the final goal pf world government. Of course the U.S. internationalists will play a role in this coordinated plan.

And if all goes well, nation-states will continue to exist, albeit with reduced sovereignty under a gold backed SDR currency, possibly digital as noted in many 'Bank for International Settlement articles or a BRIC alliance equivalent.

Jerusalem will of course be the powerhouse of nationstate judicial power. All nationstate issues and controversies will be sorted out here, as predicted by Israel's first prime minister, and freemason Ben-Gurion as well as prophesied in the Book of Isaiah. For these agendas are all biblical.

So, this New world Order theorem or new economic order has many conflicting dialectics, most of them theatrical.

  • The key fact is that "America" is at bottom run by foreign banking families.

  • Some of these families trace their lineage back generations to the "old world" where they continue to ply their usurious and intentionally destructive trade.

That is, the late, and so-called great U.S, which is the executor of the larger "old Europe" (Rumsfeld 2003) grand and patient plan to have "America" subjugate the rest of the world militarily.

That is but one U.S.goal in order to later implode financially and domestically, so that the remaining pieces can be gathered and enfolded into the unified globalist order.

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His response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syria conflict.

All of these videos are fake. It's uh, been very well analyzed; if you just look outside of the MSM.

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People who use aggression to get funding, seen using aggression to get funding.