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The article waits until the Seventh Paragraph before dropping the Rothschild Bomb.

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Used seaworthy sailboats can actually be pretty cheap, on the order of less than $6000. The only reason that she is on such a nice one, I think, is that she is famous and has connections. Why refuse an offer to go on a nice sailboat when it isn't any worse for the environment?

What is really needed in the future, I think, is more commercial boat travel. Did you know that there is only one ocean liner still in service, the Queen Mary II across the Atlantic? Currently, the only way to get from the Americas to Eurasia-Africa without using planes is to either hitch a ride on a cargo ship, or to use a private boat like the sailboat she is taking. It's quite sad, really, as I very much prefer boats to planes myself.

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She's a teenage climate activist hanging out with billionaires and princes who are very likely involved with climate policy... smells fishy and non-organic to me.

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Ha! Fishy because we are talking about a boat. And non-organic because we are talking about billionaires and princes.

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It's just manufactured outrage media. Gets more clicks. Give it a few weeks and it will be something else.

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Ha. Seems it always comes back to the Rothschild money, doesn't it?

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Has anyone got screenshot results of posting stuff like this to reddit? it could be a big eye opener for a lot of people. Maybe a subsaiddit dedicated to it.

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I was shadow banned on some subs there for a long time so that may explain the lack of response. I don't think any one post would open any reddit eyes so I'd rather just leave them alone.

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Retarded encephalitic thalidomide spokesbaby apparently doesn't know how fiberglass and solar panels are manufactured.

Bill Gates is right - electricity is only 20% of the problem. Are we supposed to cease all manufacturing?