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Peaceful protest works... shutting down commerce costs the ultra-wealthy a lot of money. They withdraw the bill because it's costing them more money to try and pass it, than to withdraw it, conditions created only by the actions of the protesters

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Always cool when governments are forced to listen to their people.

Makes me wonder, if protesters shut down LAX or JFK, how would they be treated here?

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China will just go back to disappearing people.

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I met a guy from China once whose family was relocated to inner mongolia from beijing, after his dad wrote a controversial book. China is so controlling. When the current miracle economy ends, I have a feeling this type of behavior may catch up with them

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I hope we all could learn something from these HongKong freedom fighters. We need everyone to think like a leader more so than as a follower so that when the need arrives, everyone could work together towards the common good and stand up against any political powers that try to oppress us. Afaik, lacking a good leader means losing the war. We need as many of us as possible to be able to take initiative.

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