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The police in the front rush in - and spank everyone once and only once with the batons in an effort to get them to move along - the one dude is about to spank the old lady and she's like: "fuck that I already had one!"

In the back however, we can see officers ignoring an (hopefully) unconscious person, while having a bit of tiff with someone else.

The police chief - who I am certain is only concerned with "optics" - intervenes, thankfully - though probably not for altruistic reasons.

As I said, here we can see the three types of officers:

1) People doing it for a genuine desire to get the job done in a reasonable manner (again, don't know each person individually, but I presume these are the types of people who take the job to try and make their community a better place).

2) People who take the job to use the authority to abuse others.

3) The police chief is a difficult call - is he a #1 or is he a #3 - a socio or psychopath who is clever in their abuse of power - an intelligent #2.

Edit: I should analyze the dude getting beaten up too:

His screaming feels insincere to me, but I won't lie - he got the SHIT kicked out of him a few times in the arm and the legs and head...

Notice the reluctant and dispassionate "kick" the officer gives him after the chief shows up and then the officer just wanders off to find a new victim...

A most genius defense mechanism to "turn off" (in an almost sexual sense) a bully?

Dude's got a warcry for daysssss.