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So they failed at North Korea. They sort of failed at South China Sea and Taiwan. They probably will fail at Syria chemical this.

Looks like somebody's feening for war....and looks like they ain't getting their fix so easily this time...

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Looks like somebody's feening for war....and looks like they ain't getting their fix so easily this time...

Yeah, the world has literally run out of countries for America to conquer... so now it's doing the difficult ones and it's meeting serious resistance. It's an interesting situation, but also scary in some ways

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In terms of the near future, are you leaning more towards optimistic or pessimistic?

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Honestly neither. I have no idea how things are going to turn out. I could see it going either way, or being stuck in the middle and dragging out for a very long time too. I honestly have no idea. There are reasons to hope and reasons to despair. I guess it's all about what you focus on, to some degree. Things will work itself out eventually.

But as far as Syria, I think what will happen is Trump will drop some huge bomb on Syria, the Military-Industrial complex will be satisfied, he'll look like a tough guy, and then he'll cease action on Syria. Then Russia will get super pissed, but nothing too serious will happen because he'll have ceased action. Then we'll all forget about it in 2 months, when North Korea is saber-rattling again by firing practice ICBM shots.

It's all a show, by and large. "Politics is just the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex." - Frank Zappa

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Wow...the entertainment division of the military industrial complex...I'm gonna use that to impress a few people at the next psytrance festival I go to, thank you.

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No problem. Frank Zappa was a genius.