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What's also frustrating is to see the front page of reddit filled with pro-war lies.

Like this thread, which is completely shilled to the brim:

As if the great fault here was that people saw this coming for the 3rd time. It also implies that anyone who questions what the US government says is a russian shill/bot/troll. When infact that thread is almost entirely controlled in comments and votes by shareblue and other neoliberal messaging organizations. There are probably neoconservative messaging organizations participating too, since war seems to be the one issue that both political sides come together on (since the war companies are the ones that pay much of their bills).

It's disturbing to see this false public consensus created, and it's scary to think people might walk away from that thread (one of the only threads about Syria allowed on the front page of reddit's /r/all, btw) thinking that they believe anyone who questions the government narrative is a russian shill! Or simply being confused by so many nonsense perspectives that they're unable to form an opinion one way or the other, which effectively disables them as well.

It's scary to think about the teenagers and young people who might not know the history mentioned in the OP, and might walk away from that thread thinking that invading Syria is a good idea. Or at least, not a bad one.

This is how they manufacture consent. This is the type of public image-forming that Noam Chomsky, Adam Curtis, and many others have spoken of. The media is not an information-giving system. It is a messaging system that determines the information you're allowed to consider, and information that runs against the narrative they wish to push, is simply removed. The things mentioned in the above OP will NOT be mentioned on US media, despite the being extremely pertinent to the situation for any thinking person. They will simply intentionally neglect to mention those things, and then act like they did nothing wrong.

This used to be upsetting to me, but now what upsets me most is the people who still buy in to it, even when the lies are so blatant and poorly-constructed.

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yea, theres not even any evidence of a sarin gas attack either. Russia is watching us closely atm, and even if one missile comes out of our boats, we be fucked

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Israel already shot missiles in to Syria right after the sarin gas thing:

They're really pushing for war, HARD. They don't seem to mind the potential consequences, or at least they think they can get the better end of things. They want a big flare up in Syria. They want Assad to be gone, even though he's about to defeat ISIS. It's like when you're about to lose a board game and you flip the board. The west is about to lose the proxy war Syria, so they're "flipping the board" by forcing this sarin gas thing, which gives them a "legitimate" pretext to invade. It's disgusting behavior by all involved.

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yea, i know lol. its a really messed up world these days

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The media environment really feels like 2002, just before the Iraq invasion. They are really rattling everyone's cages to try and get us in line to support their war that will make them trillions.

Reddit is almost unreadable anymore, our media is so borked. At least saidit exists

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Absolutely; I was a sophomore in HS for 9/11, and I was one of those teenagers that you mentioned earlier that was fooled into believing that the Afghanistan & Iraq wars were a good idea, thanks to the insane propaganda that was spewed out by the MSM. In my case, those events were the source of my 'red pill' and started my journey down the rabbit hole, but it really saddens me to think that the same thing is happening for a new generation with current events. Of course there is a lot more information available these days exposing the truth, but at the same time the propaganda is being pushed that much harder, and we are starting to see a lot more in the way of censorship as the internet has become more established - yes the truth is out there, but you have to actually go look for it, otherwise all you'll see is BS like the reddit thread you linked. I actually came across that post about half an hour before I found my way here; my reaction to that post was just about the same as yours.

ps: I am really impressed with the site, I saw a post you made about it a couple months ago (right before the domain name change I think) and it has really progressed a lot since then; I made an account this time around and will try to start visiting regularly - Reddit really is in a free fall in a lot of ways, and we really need a good alternative like this - where there isn't a propaganda agenda at the top (and the site doesn't suck like voat)

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Thanks for sharing your story, I imagine many others were 'redpilled' through Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Mine was the D.A.R.E. program, I bought in to that and alienated friends who smoked pot. Then I got to college in a good STEM program and everyone smoked... I realized I'd been lied to about pot. Then I learned about the war on drugs and so on.

In both our stories, we were convinced we were doing something to help humanity, when in fact we were pawns in a larger game that had ulterior motives that diverged from the stated intent. Profit-based motives.

It's interesting to see the internet fall apart like it is now that it's established... I saw someone call it "TV 2.0" now that so much of the content is controlled by the centralized corporate media hierarchy.

Glad you like the site! Happy to see your insightful comment here, and thinkers like you are definitely welcome on saidit.

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Lol... cannabis was actually a pretty big part of my awakening as well, I got to college and all kinds of people were smoking, and actually I became extremely angry about the war on drugs and D.A.R.E. (that program was such a joke, looking back on it now) because of ethical/moral reasons as well as the fact that smoking is the only thing I have ever found that helps to alleviate the utterly debilitating migraines that I get - I have to basically lock myself in a dark quite space for 1-3 days when I get one; smoking doesn't change that, but it does make them much more bearable. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, have never done anything for me. It really blew my mind that so many people in the US are locked up for years over this plant. Well... it blew my mind until I learned the exact wording of the 13th Amendment anyway, abolishing slavery except as punishment for a crime. It really is quite the system they have going; between the war on drugs, where they are playing both sides of the field with the CIA bringing them in the country and selling them to fund black ops budgets, while the police confiscate them along with all of the assets of the people (since property is guilty until proven innocent), then throwing the people in jail to fuel the private prison industry and use these 'criminals' for what is effectively slave labor (and the don't even have to pay for room and board costs, since the taxpayers are footing that bill) and all the while big pharma is making insane profits as 'legal' drug pushers with all of the opiates the sell, when in a lot of cases cannabis would be both more effective and less expensive (for a lot of medicines other than opiates as well). Arrg... I could rant about this all day, there are so many corrupt industries that only function the way they do because of marijuana being illegal (petroleum products, paper, alcohol, etc, etc.)

I'm just thankful the internet isn't completely controlled yet; the only way things are going to change is to wake up the sheeple - if the 99.9% would realize how badly we are being screwed by the 0.1% I truly believe we would start to see massive changes overnight. I do think we are starting to get there though, and actually I think that is a factor in why we are seeing such a huge push with Internet censorship and 'fake news', they are trying to make it seem like 'truthers' are a crazy fringe, but it seems like most of the random people I talk to in real life are becoming more and more aware of what is really going on. There is, however, the problem that most of these people believe that they are part of a small minority and that they might be a bit crazy for thinking the way they do - it seems the mainstream propaganda has been fairly effective in that regard. So I think one thing we should start to focus on as a community is not just waking people up, but also to make people aware of how many people out there are already 'awake', because when people think everyone else is going to think they are crazy if they talk about this kinds of stuff it is a big roadblock keeping the 'truth movement' (or whatever you want to call it) in the shadows and out of common public dialog.

Apologies for any typos, on mobile.

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I had a VERY similar awakening path as you.

but also to make people aware of how many people out there are already 'awake'

I agree. There are so many awake people who mistakenly think they're alone, an island by themselves, in a sea of people who think otherwise. When in fact, many people feel that exact same way, and are just too afraid to communicate it. Which in turn creates the public appearance that people don't hold that opinion. So we have to each individually, and as a group, overcome our fear of crossing social boundaries and say what we really mean. But when the economy is this bad, people tend to prioritize making money and self-preservation over pushing social boundaries, which is partly why I think the boundaries have shrunk since 2008, because they haven't been challenged, because people on the whole are too scared and have too much to risk.

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I think you are exactly right; I don't really have any qualms about expressing my views, and lately it seems more common that people will be hesitant to discuss this kind of stuff at first, at least until I break the ice a bit, but then quite often it's like opening the floodgates; whereas a few years ago people didn't see to feel like the subject was taboo as much, but were a lot more likely to dismiss or ridicule what I was talking about. Although nowadays it seems that people who have never heard about any of it are a lot more likely to listen with an open mind; the public facade of TPTB definitely seems to be cracking.

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I hadn't quite thought about it that way, but now that you say it I've seen the same kind of trends. It is interesting to see how the public's approach to this type of stuff is evolving, and how the propaganda evolves in response.

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These people are desperate for a war now. I don't know about you guys, but I have this feeling for a while now that 'they' have lost a lot of power in the past few years, and what's left of 'them' are going full desperate mode now, with all the shit they've been trying to pull.

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I get a similar impression, the media seems to be going off its rocker. The narratives literally just flat out don't make sense anymore, but maybe that's just because I've read so much alternative media. There's a bit of hysteria to the MSM, they're crying wolf almost constantly...

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Totally agree, I think they realize how many people are wise to their game nowadays, so they are doubling down - not just to further indoctrinate those that believe their BS; but also to give a false impression to those that don't buy it, that they are part of a small minority and will be thought of as crazy and be ridiculed if they dare to question the official narative.

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I think you're exactly right. And I also think they're playing the angle of jamming up the media with so much nonsense that people just get confused, which disables them. Like you tell them A, then next week you tell them A is wrong, then the week after that you tell them that A is right again. Do that on enough topics for long enough, and soon no one will know what to believe. They will be confused in to submission.

William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

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Yeah, and sadly it seems that they are starting to get there with a lot of the 'normies', but on the flip side, it does seem to be having the unintended consequence of making people that much more receptive to the truth when they finally are exposed to it.