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My gf was pretty bummed about this - they made one of her favourite shows.

I hope they keep making it, just to spite the asshole who did this.

Edit: 33 dead now... perp in hospital...

From here:

A witness who saw the attacker being approached by police told Japanese networks that the man admitted spreading gasoline and setting the fire with a lighter. She told NHK public television that the man had burns on his arms and legs and was angrily complaining that something of his had been “stolen,” possibly by the company.

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But, do we see anyone dead?

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Jesus Christ this isnt the "Watch People Die" sub

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Interesting point... :-/

A fuel fire at the only ground floor stairwell would quickly fill the building making it impossible to see. There are hardly any windows, and no decent doors to jump from.

It's surprising that there are no fire escapes.

I'd be interested in hearing how the company's finances were doing.