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There are allegations coming out that Epstein has strong ties to Mossad, which is Israel's CIA.

There are allegations that Mossad is using Epstein as a front to trick and blackmail politicians and powerful people. And that this is partly how he became a billionaire.

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This Mossad explanation really makes the most sense. The guy was a high school math teacher, then an aide to a junior trader at Bear Stearns, bc the father of one of his students worked there. Then suddenly, overnight, he was a mutli-millionaire, "managing" Les Wexner's funds. His mansion in NYC (estimated today at US$77 million) was transferred by Wexner to one of Epstein's Virgin Island Shell companies for $0.

Is it too much to hope all the truth comes out? I'm afraid so...

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The wheels are coming off the bus.

A false flag diversion is probably being worked out.

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Blocked for me.

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For me as well. It's time to get a VPN. I should have done this years ago.

Keep in mind that YouTube is changing it's T&C at the end of this month (07/22?). Time to download all my saved Videos and playlists from my YouTube account before they get deleted or I can't access them anymore. I'd recommend for all of you do to the same. Fuck the EU and Google.

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Loads fine for me, odd.

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It's the EEC block. 😐