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Yea and I live here. What sort of asshole fires live ammunition as a warning to break up a fight? The fuck was he expecting to happen?

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I've read a LOT of bad treatment towards the black Jews; do you have any input on this? I've read several things, from 'whoopsy' sterilization, to also deporting them out of the country.

I've also seen plenty of videos of the white Jews, really getting racist in regards to their black brethren, is this widespread, and common? The videos sure seemed to show the open racism as totally acceptable.

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by who? We hate russians in my city, ethiopians are fine. I've never seen open discrimination, in fact the only proof is they claim it and in the modern worlds victim mentality that's just not really worth anything. Fuck russians

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Hey, thanks for your opinion.

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Instant karma's gonna get you — J. Lennon

Instant irony might get you too.

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That's just to show what happens when you involve the armed forces in dirty business. The militarization of society creates arbitrary uses of violence.

The Jews better do something about their growing police state. It's already biting them in the ass and things could get much worse.

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I guess the headline should say chaos or anomie instead of "Anarchy" to be technically correct.

Pretty crazy what is happening there. These protests could be serious.