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The bill just been put on hold not stopped and what too stop the chinese from just kidnapping anyone from Hong Kong.

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It's been put on hold indefinitely, which is probably the best you'll get from China.

Also if they're going to randomly kidnap people from other countries, that's called "creating an international incident"

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They been kidnapping for years and no one seems to fussed.

"Some U.S. intelligence officials fear that the Chinese government is conducting sophisticated “kidnapping” programs in the United States in order to spirit their nationals back to the mainland, where they face arrest and imprisonment on political and corruption charges. Beijing has openly admitted to repatriating more than 3,000 people “who had escaped overseas” since late 2012, Xinhua reports, although the U.S. intelligence community believes China’s strategies in Western nations often involves pushing the definitions of coercion and kidnapping.

In one example cited in the report by Foreign Policy, a Chinese-Canadian billionaire was snatched from his hotel in Hong Kong in 2017 and was loaded — likely sedated — into a wheelchair and rolled out through the lobby with a sheet covering his head. Similar stories have also come out of Australia, a U.S. intelligence partner, including one about a man who was allegedly drugged by Chinese security forces and transported back to the mainland on a state-owned shipping vessel."

"The most high profile of the Hong Kong booksellers, Gui Minhai, made headlines when he vanished in Thailand in 2015, before reappearing in China where he was detained over a fatal car accident that took place in 2003.

Mr Gui was one of the several owners of the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Hong Kong, which sold books critical of the Chinese government.

All the other booksellers who used to work at the book shop also disappeared and eventually resurfaced in Chinese custody.

Mr Gui is a Swedish citizen, and Sweden quickly sent detectives to Thailand to help look into his disappearance.

China's state broadcaster later aired footage of Mr Gui's "confession", where he said he voluntarily returned to China to turn himself in over the accident. But critics say they suspect Mr Gui was forced into making the confession under pressure."

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Now the people of England has to stand up against extradition of a journalist.

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This might be the most successful street protest ever.

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It's definitely up there.

Iceland got a new constitution from these protests:

South Korea got a new president from these protests: