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Time to start another Emu War.

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more and more signs of Global Warming,Litle by Lilte until its TO LATE

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The worse it gets, the more people will take action. Just like the hole in the Ozone layer, which was eventually fixed. That's what I think anyway.

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i hope your right,but i dont believe so,the"hole"in the ozone wasnt e real hole-if it was we would been burned-the ozone was"damaged"in a way,the ozone layer was thinner then it used to be at some places,so it wasnt a real hole.but when al the Polar Ice is melted,you cant turn that back,by then its to late

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The more uncomfortable living conditions actually become, the more effort that will go toward rectifying it. It will create a feedback loop of action, I can't see why it wouldn't. It might not be pretty, but humanity isn't going to let itself go extinct.

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im not so sure,Nature is stronger then Mankind,and we do have smart people,but also a lot of dumb/ignorant ones,and we might gone face problems we heave never dealt before and are to much for us,maybe its best for the earth that mankind extinct,so the earth can survive and in the long way restore itself with creatures/animals

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Man made global warming is a hoax.

CO2 in the atmosphere has gone up consistent for +120 years. The climate have increased in temp since 2005.

Co2 is not a climate forcing factor.

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We know that they've been GeoEngineering areas of Australia.
Weather Modified Floods in Tasmania? (The govt confirmed it)..

Could be deliberate economic sabotage.