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Putin at least has proven himself very rogue. So what if he got funding from them? Hitler was funded by the Rothschilds and he arguably was the person that caused them the most problems in history.

If you follow me on reddit, I will make a post about how Putin screwed one of the Rothschilds very badly next week.

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I'd like to read it. Because it seems to me that even though the Rothschilds are banned from Russia, they still control the central bank. The only thing keeping Russia semi-autonomous is that the Debt to GDP Ratio is low.

Even their proposed BRICS union has many bankers from the rothschilds system. It's all theater. There is competition, but the rothschilds are playing both sides.

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Hi magnora. This is what I wanted to show you: It's ok if you don't trust him yet and don't think I'm pressuring you or anything, but you gotta admit that depending on what may happen in the coming war and if the US loses influence in Europe because of him, it would create an opening for a lot of countries to also go rogue.

I don't know when you watch him speak, it doesn't seem like he is faking. You can notice the effort that he puts into it. But It's not even the effort itself, It's like he is straightforward and sincere. Almost passionate about what may happen to his people. It kind of reminds me of myself.

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Wow that's very interesting about Jacob Rothschild and Yukos, thanks for sharing that! I'm going to have to think about that one.