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Fucking hypocrits.

This is why people radicalize.

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It really is. I can't believe they don't understand this. That's why I think it has to be intentional.

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Was the media really avoiding mentioning them as christians, or is this just another "we're so persecuted" christian talking point in the social media sphere?

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the media and world leaders really were avoiding calling them christians.

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Got any links or anything to verify this bias did indeed exist? You just kind of repeated the point

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It's a clever way of memory holing the event. Most people won't remember to look up "attack on easter worshippers" a few years from now to find info on it.

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Interesting, thanks for the link.

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That's idiotic. Republican politicians generally didn't refer to them as "Christians" either, they just referred to them generically as "victims" of a "terrorist attack". Show me all the tweets of prominent Republicans describing them as Christians. See for yourself Im shocked by how many Republicans didn't acknowledge the event at all (and yet of course theyre faulting AOC for the same). Marco Rubio (a prolific tweeter) has an interesting side-step, only mentioning that the churches were Catholic, not using the word "Christian".

The reason they dont say Christian is not because Christians are persecuted snowflakes, but because to do so would suggest that the victims made themselves targets just be subscribing to a particular religion. The fact that they were people is more important than the fact that they were Christian. To make an issue out of their religion serves to justify the act of terror, similar to how giving celebrity to a mass shooter gives the mass shooter the very thing they sought out.

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Someone just shot up a Synogogue in San Diego. There is every indication that the targets were explicitly Jewish, just as the targets in Sri Lanka were explicitly Christian. So, lets use the same language and we'll see how it works.

"Thoughts and prayers to the Passover worshipers in San Diego".

If every high status politician from either political party avoids mentioning the explicit targeting of Jews in tweets we'll have parity.

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Have not found any evidence that a shooting happened, only that the media reported that it did. Though, there were a lot of people walking around on their cell phones, who were suppose to be at the synagouge but did not look Jewish at all. Honestly, I'm not going to believe the event occured, unless they show people dead, show some sort of non-manipulated surviellance footage, etc.

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"Thoughts and prayers to the Passover worshipers in San Diego".

That works fine. Yet again, there's no reason to put the fact of their Jewishness ahead of their being human.

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How so?

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Mainstream Media sources and large twitter personalities aren't explicitly avoiding mentioning they are Jewish - in fact it's a main part of the tweet. We'll see what Obama and others do.

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Prominent Republican politicians are mostly scum anyway. I can haz croozade nao?

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where have you been the last few days?

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Another wierd part is how more than one person used the same term. Almost like it was planned to say it that way. Even if it is a social handler, I guess they really are too busy to be real people, and they would both use the same handler. Chances are, Trump has never made his own tweets either. To clarify, look up sinclair media. Now weather it was sinclair media I dunno, but obama and hillary are both up the same butt. edit: BTW I agree with your point, they where people worshipping on easter, might have been a little backstabby since most christians don't go to church, while obama and hillary probably pray 3x a day.

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Just when I thought my contempt for NYT had reached it's limit, now IT'S OVER 9000. How utterly disgraceful!

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what a suprize Hypocrite believers

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I think that we're misinterpreting the message.

Christians is plural of Christian. In recent decades, Christian happens to be an extremely popular Sri Lankan first name.

There are mobs of individuals named Christian. Nothing out of the ordinary...

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It's insensitive to refer to victims of a terrorist attack by their religion, when the perpetrator is from an opposing religion, because it minimizes the victims as just being religious adherents rather than people. It infers that they are responsible for their own fate, for having been a member of that religion.