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So now it's not Universal Basic Income, now the marketing is Unconditional Basic Income. OK, well there's no way it will be unconditional. If the government is distributing it, there will be conditions. And that means the government will wield its power.
If UBI is electronic direct deposit, then they can easily punish any dissent by switching it off. You said it yourself in the title of your post "It's less costly to avoid problems from ever happening, than it is to fix problems once they do." Here, "problems" could easily translate to revolution. Just pay off the masses with UBI, and silence dissenters by turning off the spigot. Sounds great.

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silence dissenters by turning off the spigot

Interesting point. Still, it's hard to revolt when you're struggling, living paycheck to paycheck. The risk of missing a shift and getting laid off keeps revolution at bay. If they turned off the spigot, you'd get a revolution right quick. Perhaps.