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There is a lot of controversy about what will happen to Turkey in the future. Since It has a big military, the US and Russia are interested in gaining It's support and it has done things that has benefited both sides.

Turkey demands US military pulls out of northern Syria to the west of Euphrates around Manbij. US refuses to do so. Turkey threatens it will launch an offensive on Manbij whether US is still present there or not. Turkey adds it may not be able to distinguish between Kurdish militiamen and US troops in battle and could target both. US sends a hi-ranking Pentagon delegation to Manbij to deliver the message the US “will respond aggressively if attacked”. This has all happened. Welcome to 2018 where the nations with two largest militaries in NATO are issuing threats, warnings and ultimatums…to each other.

The US and Turkey have already exchanged blows with each other, but they are still working together in other areas so... I honestly don't know if Turkey will follow the Russians, help the US fight the Russians or just go a la Germany and fight against everyone.