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News from 2013!!!

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Ah you're right, I didn't notice the date, sorry. Still 100% relevant to what's happening in Syria right now. The names in the company are like a who's-who of western geopolitics.

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A local subsidiary of the New York-listed company Genie Energy — which is advised by former vice president Dick Cheney and whose shareholders include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch — will now have exclusive rights to a 153-square mile radius in the southern part of the Golan Heights.

Look, rich powerful people stealing land for profit!

Meanwhile the mainstream media is obsessed with some fantasy-land court case that spent 3 years going nowhere. Because of course the mainstream media would never out the very people that they work for, now would they?

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This needs to go straight to the front page. This is them making their move. Don't let this slip by unnoticed.

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You wanna get shot in the face?

Cause this is how you got shot in the face!

(Edit: This is a reference to Dick Cheney shooting a hunting partner in the face. Jon Stewart made a big thing about it.

The guy that got shot -- get this -- apologized to Dick Cheney on air, for being shot.)

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Damn, I was going to add in the part about the apology if you didn't.

Just imagine shooting someone and having them apologize.

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Why should 6 year old news go to the front page.

This is 6 years old, that is the slowest slipping in the history of slips.

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Yeah as I posted in another comment I didn't read the date and thought it was new. Sorry. But it's still important

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How is it still important? Trump isn't relevant.

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Yeah but their actions in the golan heights and the war in Syria continue to this day. As do the war crimes of the people in Genie Energy

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So I agree even at 6 years old, this is news. I'm trying to comprehend a few things right now. For example, lets look at the political landscape at a few oddities, that I believe for unknown reasons have been purposely put into play, and so far haven't been changed.

One, notice how the democrat candidates aren't scheduled to speak to AIPAC this year(yet), and are embracing Islam for all intensive purposes? While at the same time, Trump, and the Republicons are embracing the Jews, and condemning Islam? By default they must support the for sure to cause problems embassy in Jerusalem, and also Trump giving away a piece of a foreign country, to another foreign country that we already pay big money to.

Two, since when didn't all US politico pay homage to Israel? And why are the democrats supporting Islam like they are, when Islam doesn't like LGBTQ+++(to infinity of special groups) on the whole. I mean in fact, Muslims are raising hell about any sort of inclusionary programs that their children are asked to entertain, yet the democrats support them, and also the other??? You cannot have it both ways.

Everything is upside down, and on that note, ot Magnora, yes, I've noted that many search engines lately are completely jumbled, and that many older articles are coming up over new data when searching the web.

I do believe this is intentional, as it'll be the more aware folks not realizing at first, as those people are the ones who use the search engines more regularly; it's an attempt at discrediting. I think there's much more to come.

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and are embracing Islam for all intensive purposes? While at the same time, Trump, and the Republicons are embracing the Jews, and condemning Islam

the lluminati/communist play-book states that all religions must be destroyed in favor of satanism by pitting them against each other

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Tragic, so many lost lives and displacement for this plan. Pure and simple greed