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Gotta love how they attacked how he was dressed as well because that has anything to do with anything

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That's exactly what I thought.

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Objectionable Publication

Just searched it up to get a proper definition; "depicts or otherwise deals with these subjects in a way that's likely to cause injury to the public good."

So somehow videos that contain gore can cause harm how exactly? Bullshit. I didn't see New Zealand use the Publications Classification Act on any of the other videos that contain gore on the internet. Nice use of censorship there.

Nice one New Zealand. Imagine being sentanced to prison for sharing a fucking video.

The married father-of-six, who was arrested in a police raid at his Christchurch home on Tuesday, was refused bail. 

It's as if the people sharing the video aren't actual criminals, shocker. I'm only going to share this video even more now haha.

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It was your church, after all. Do as you wish.