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This heavy censorship is really distressing. It seems to be taking over the whole internet these days.

I don't believe there's some dark conspiracy behind this event, at least not more than basic human nature. I think these events are merely a convenient excuse for what almost every government has been wanting for a long time: to have increased control over the internet. China is leading the way, but western governments want a piece of that action too.

The internet was a wild west not long ago: anything went. If you didn't want to see something, that's great... just don't look. But there is a strong desire to get that horse back into the barn. That personal freedom ethos is under severe pressure now from multiple fronts. I can't even put all the blame at the feet of governments, because they are acting under pressure from their constituents to "clean up the web" and "make it safe". Then you have even more who demand the removal of anything which offends them.

This event is a tragedy on two fronts, IMO. First, because 50 innocent people were killed in cold blood by some racist shit, and second, because of the collateral damage it's doing to online freedom.

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just don't look was a great teacher o_O

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Ha :) So far I've managed to escape ever seeing that! You have a good point though: it's not a good situation if people don't even have a chance to avoid content they'd rather not see. IMHO, it should be a function of both the culture of the area they are in (the site, the group on that site) and also up to the person themselves. It's nasty to see some shock content on a group about Python programming. (Unless you think Python IS shock content...) Still, this widespread scrubbing of content from the internet is disturbing. It is the Chinese model metastasizing into the rest of the net.

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nsfl tags are simple. but once i posted the beheading video without one and an unsuspecting poor guy told me that three days later he is still feeling damaged. now i always try to remember.

yes, this is coming from china. i can only imagine what it will be like when they implement the fruits of the north korean social 'research' in the west.

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Would you pls link info on "the Chinese model"? NTS what it is.

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I meant in the general sense of China heavily censoring the internet their citizens can see, and using things like the "Social Credit System" to punish bad behavior. They have a "Great Firewall" which they use to block off sites the party does not want people seeing, and that includes some really major things like wikipedia. It used to be easy to get around the blocks with a VPN, but now they're blocking VPNs too, and apparently using deep packet inspection. Not to mention, if you do this too much, your life may become uncomfortable.

Here's a few links if you are interested in how China is dealing with the internet.

Warning: WaPo's site is cancer since the new EU regulations went into effect. I don't know if this link is still functional, but ->

Those are only the barest beginning! A little searching will turn up much more info. Over the last few years they are starting to wield an iron fist over what Chinese people are allowed to see, do, and say online. They've gone full Orwell.

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The shooter loves China. It's the ideal state he says. How fitting. Yeah, I'm under the opinion that the shooter was helped by agencies .

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That's just another suspicious detail about how that all went down.

Not even the Chinese believe that it's an ideal state. It's so over the top that I struggle to accept that he wrote that. The message is beyond dichotomous.

I'm suspending judgment on his alleged political views until we can hear him state them during an interview; assuming he isn't targeted before that can happen.

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The message is beyond dichotomous.

If you read the entire manifesto, it's full of contradictions and crafted statements. I firmly believe that the manifesto was written by the attacker, alone, and that he wrote it purposely to troll and cause as many problems as possible in the aftermath.

I don't think there's some big conspiracy or any crazy shit, it's just this guy wanted to troll almost everyone.

alleged political views

actually, this part of the manifesto was pretty clear, he's an ethno-nationalist and eco-fascist. There's not really much doubt about this. What's annoying is how poorly the media report on it attributing ridiculous motives and other desires when it's literally written down for them.

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If you read the entire manifesto, it's full of contradictions and crafted statements.

So, you're suggesting that these contradictions should be ignored?

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No, but you can see through the sarcasm, the memes, the jokes, and ignore those - which form most of the contradictions.

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I'm not so sure. Hopefully we'll learn the truth during his trial.

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Targeted or in on it in kangaroo court appearances.

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What makes you think that?

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In his 77 page manifesto. He says he is a Christian and all Christians are his brothers, yet the perfect nationstate for him is China. A country that persecutes Christians.

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A lot of what he wrote was straight-up trolling. Spyro the Dragon 3 turned him into an ethnonationalist? He should have said Skyrim, though.

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Yeah, when it came to the memes yes. But not entirely, as he does make it clear that the nationalist idealogy of the Chinese, despite on the surface communist and the state itself is ideal to his ideaology. Plus, he was a former communist. Nevertheless, the manifesto probably had help and was written in the perfect way to divide people. It benefits the NZ government and the divide and conquer principle. He made it a little to obvious what his agenda really was.

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I think these things are indisputable:

1) He was concerned with demographic replacement of the West.

2) He had a particular disliking for Islam.

3) He had a trollish sense of humor (Spyro the Dragon, "subscribe to pewdiepie," citing Candace Owens).

4) He was far-right.

I think the mentioning of the Chinese was mostly to stir the pot, while agreeing with China being mostly ethnically homogeneous. I doubt he cared about other things such as social scores, communism, and whatnot.

As for him being a former communist, well, that was likely when he was younger and that's what the propaganda wants people to be.

I doubt he really had much help with the manifesto -- it wasn't amazingly written. The Unabomber's Manifesto was far more hard-hitting. It's not hard to be far-right and see what motivates the left, a simple conversation with leftists will do the trick.

His motivations were primarily accelerationist and to provoke the left into being more tyrannical. For example, Fabian socialism advocated for incrementalism to avoid upsetting people. His goals were to counter the slow trickle of the leftist utopia that leftists use via brainwashing, social engineering, and censorship. It's like putting the frog into water and having it jump out only when the water's temperature changes too quickly for it to notice.

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Or that is the intended narrative.
New Zealand was the only 5 eyes country that hadn't been attacked by a radical demographic.

The motivation seems completely manufactured.

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Isn't New Zealand a target of Chinese social engineering?


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Yeah. This isn't surprising either. However, the Chinese aren't known for their mass shooting tactics.

Israel is the main purveyor of this style of terrorism.

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Or the state and him are in on it, he had help.

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Seems suspicious.
I saw that post you have about the arresting cops were training for this type of an event, at the time of the shooting.

This specific coincidence seems to happen over and over again...

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Also, the timeline makes no sense. I have a recent post about it.

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read his manifesto, that's what that asshead wanted. He also did this to make the right and left wing of the u.s fight eachother...

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Agreed, that's part of what he said he was after. And the internet censors are playing right into his hand.

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Do you have a link to the manifesto? I’ve been trying to find it but all I can scrounge up is news articles

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Who's manifesto?

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Perhaps I should look at it closer. I didn't get to that part, because the only reason I downloaded it in the first place was the Streisand effect.

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Online freedom is more important than any tragedy. ISIS and other terrorists show their barbarism all the time online and I hardly ever hear a peep from the mainstream media. Censorship is wrong and if someone doesn't want to see or hear something, then don't view/hear it.

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Especially considering that everyone SHOULD be watching the video. It would cause meaningful conversation on gun control.

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What the hell.

What is the deal with the censorship. It'd be one thing if the footage looked super fake and made it look like a hoax, but the footage instead verifies it's real. Why would they want to censor that SOOO badly?

Is it just some vain attempt to limit the influence the killer or something? Why is it ok to show ISIS beheading people on the news, but this has to be censored with a huge fine for even telling people where to get it? Why? What is the motivation?

I just really don't get it.

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Simply put; not only is it the first time that a mass shooting has been streamed in First person, but it's also happened in a country not known for these types of attacks. We used to have vids with the same perspective from Daesh footage on occasion in WPD back in the day, but no-one really cared as it was over there, not over here; Not happening in developed country.

Then they tried to bury it.

Humans are naturally curious folk, so when they get told they can't see something, they'll want to see it more. Streisand Effect in full swing.

Though the censorship involved was done under the guise of not celebrating what Tarrant did - don't give him any attention, essentially - the reach that police have with this is concerning. Same with the Danish backpackers in Morrocco a while back. Mark my words, some law will come in soon™ basically giving countries in allegiance full authority to officially do this. Luckily we have folk like Josh over on KiwiFarms tellin em to piss off.

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Twitter leaves ISIS twitter pages up but bans people for questioing why they don't take them down.

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That's cause ISIS = CIA.

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1st option:

the nwo is promoting the destruction of the 'west', so that it can take its place as the dominant force asap. so, in which case the message from the deep sate cant be more clear: its okay for people of color to slaughter white westerners publicly, but its not okay for white westerners to slaughter people of color publicly. thats a taboo.

2nd option:

the attack was a false flag.. the casualties were pawns. in which case the video is a crafted psyop material. what i mean is that the shooter visited ismaili territories in his travels, where he was welcomed and had a good time, but somehow his gear is a list of serbian heroes and his music is serbian. the serbs fought the ismailis just recently, the bosnian alija izetbegovic was afaik a shia. the albanians, the mortal enemies of the serbs host the world hq of the bektashi sufi order, which are historically connected to the sect of assassins from alamut (nizari ismaili). so the serbian stuff is aimed at blackening the serbian christians. imo, the sufis are gnostics and gnosticism is the inversion of the religion. what is good in one becomes evil in the other. iow, satanists, so its an attack of a satanist order on serbian christianity, their traditional enemies.

3rd option:

they are simply trying to prevent any potential monkey see monkey do copycat attacks on mosques. and also prevent the spread of gun culture, gun use, glorification of violence, etc in face of imminent gun control. its part of their social engineering.

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All three.

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never let a good crisis go to waste. --rahm emanuel

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Why would they want to censor that SOOO badly?

  1. Respect for the victims. Since it's a very personal attack and video, compared to say 911 where you can't see people's faces.
  2. Misguided attempt at moralising.
  3. Misguided attempt to prevent "copycats"
  4. Opportunity to extend censorship powers

What's really interesting to me is how it is allowing the news media to literally lie and misreport facts about the incident. The video and manifesto were immediate and direct evidence of what was happening/had happened, and the media did not report accurately at all in the early days, and now in the aftermath is still not reporting accurately stating things like "the killer wanted to be famous" even though his manifesto literally says that he "will be forgotten and doesn't matter".

Is this because the media are incompetent? Is it because they can't get a hold of the evidence to do their jobs because of the censorship? Or is it to control how the reporting is done?

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Is this because the media are incompetent? Is it because they can't get a hold of the evidence to do their jobs because of the censorship? Or is it to control how the reporting is done?

I think it's all of that combined.

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Accurate breakdown, I think you're right on the money.

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The shooter wanted the video to spread to cause chaos and make the divide between political sides wider. He predicted that the media would be drooling to release footage to get views, and he was right

Now it seems like the second part of it is coming to fruition - more division because now governments are cracking down and trying to stop it from spreading even though the cat is already out of the bag. This will only make people want to see it more and distrust the government more, and maybe even cause a decent chunk to see it as a false flag with the government trying to remove the video because of "something they got wrong in production that shows its fakeness"

That killer is disgusting, but he thought this through

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We have to be careful to distinguish between a hoax and a false flag.

Hoax = no one died, it was all actors and theater

false flag = those people definitely really died, but the event was orchestrated by agencies who influenced the killer, maybe arming him and radicalizing him, and the killer may or may not have been in on that fact that it was agencies doing this to him

It seems very very few think this was a hoax, the video makes it pretty clear it was not a hoax. But the manifesto and the way the media is reacting to the video, makes me think it is a false flag. It's just a little too perfect for those looking to expand their power. This guy mentioned basically every cultural touchstone that they want to attack. It's just a little too coincidental. I could be wrong though and he could truly have been acting alone (or with those 2 other people who where apparently arrested at the second mosque with guns and explosives in their car)

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Eh, I still think he was a lone actor just based on how fast media tried to backpedal when they realized they screwed up. Well 'lone actor' in terms of not working with a major group or government - he was WAY too accurate and calm during that video so he had to have had training

I DO think governments are capitalizing on this to try another shot at neutering the internet, however, and the reactions of government after the fact are planned and calculated

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Sometimes it's a combo like 7/7.

If I wrote a manifesto I would likely include both sides, blame everyone for being unwoke idiots and not being skeptical of authority, government, power, the system, religion, science, and all dogmas...

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Holy shit. Orwell is banging his head against a wall wherever he is, regretting having written what turned out to be The Manual.

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ingsoc could be renamed nzsoc.

what is interesting, that even though nz was always peaceful they still had this kind of legislation in place to clamp down on liberties. they probably have their own patriot act.

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SO true. I've edited my post though, bc it's not limited to NZ. Any minute now all the five eyes nation-states risk being completely under this sort of iron-boot clamp-down. We so did not sign up for this.

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Fuck. What have we come to? How do we reverse this? This nwo is so fucking depressing. Maybe that's what they want. Depress and dispirit the aware intelligent people, run roughshod over everyone else.

Do you think the list of VPNs is reliable?

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Depress and dispirit the aware intelligent people, run roughshod over everyone else.

thats it. demoralization is key point when dismantling a society.. also, since they want depopulation, they want to make sure people are discouraged to bring a new life into this 'shitty' world. which is a lie, because the elites always have multiple children and many bastards too. they ofc know better than to believe their own lies.

i am not sure about vpns, they are known to sell data. i just use tails and try to keep javascript turned off as much as possible.

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Demoralization and ideaological subversion.

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i just use tails

could you elaborate on what that is please?

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its a debian linux based live os running from a usb flash drive, thats routing all traffic through the tor network.
every session starts from a clean state from a read only partition and the volume with my data is encrypted on the flash drive.

its using a hardened version of torbrowser, thats preloaded with noscript, ublock origin, https everywhere... its actually more secure if used without a vpn.

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The torrent had almost 10k leechers yesterday. This video is spreading like wildfire and for sure many people in NZ have it as well.

How can they not realise that by saying 'dont share' they only attract more attention to it?

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Wow, that's fucked up...

Link ( unrelated of course ;) )

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MEANWHILE - Easily this many people are murdered for "humanitarian" reasons every day around the world under Western Empire actions, sanctions, dronings, and "intervention" coups.

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censorship 100