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It didn't really look like someone cut the BBC network feed.

It looked like someone (whose reflection can be seen in the bottom right of the tv holding a tablet device) was sitting there using their tablet to record tv news, and then used a remote to power off the TV.

Regardless, this is some low-budget production quality by the "Independent"... :-/

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Well, except everyone in China saw the same thing at the same time. The device is the camera...

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Yes. However, It appeared to me the tv was turned off, as opposed to cutting the footage somewhere else, and having a blank signal. IDK.

It may have happened. IDK.

It would be nice if some Chinese dissident reporting has posted this, rather than a British source.

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They probably couldn't get the real footage, so faked it.

Just because they faked it, doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

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That page is FULL of trackets. My computer is unusable at the moment, because 100% of its CPU is going towards rendering that page.

If you want to see the video then sorry, I can't get any closer than this: Brightcove is worse than YouTube.