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I'm with you guys. I feel bad, but why, why, why did she go there?

I visit India for business every couple years, and I won't go anywhere near the north where the Muslims are. I'm not scared of a person in this world, but why on earth would you even deal with it? It makes no sense.

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Moral of the story: Don't travel to shithole countries.

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The article smells fishy. I'd love to hear the other side of this story.

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I dunno, them Muslims are a bit insane. Saudi Arabia has previously sentenced a man to be beheaded for 'sourcery', gave a man 20 lashes with a whip for making beer in his home, and frequently arrests and imprisons people for making a tweet that doesn't look favourably on the regime. It really doesn't surprise me to see them inflicting harsh sentences for what is essentially not even a crime, no doubt merely an opportunity for a security guard to strip search her and cop a feel.

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I do feel bad for her, but I don't understand what would possess anyone to visit that kind of country.

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When the media encourage women to travel solo in places known to be dangerous for women in general and then defend it by claiming travelling solo isn't what kills them, that instead men are dangerous everywhere. People believe that rubbish even when it goes against common sense and reasonable evidence.

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Looks like it was a flight layover, not an intentional visit to Dubai. I had a layover at that airport once, and I've got to say it's spectacular!

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Ah, I see. Fair point. I suppose I can't fault her for not realizing she was in danger then.

I'd have to think real hard before even making a layover in a country that backwards though.

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I lived there 3 years and am flat fuck amazed I did not wind up in Jebel Ali the place where they have the main jail. Blackout drunk off my ass trying to drive home from pubs on all-you-can-eat-and-drink-Friday and I made it home each time and should not have been able to. But did. Guardian Angel maybe.