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I'm sure this will be taken very seriously with many lengthy prison terms handed out /s

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"Insurrection" - FTFY

Arrest them and file trespass charges.

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If they're leftists they'll completely get away with it and even receive praise, unlike the peaceful protesters on January 6th who were literally tricked into committing "insurrection".

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Let's not use their language, this wasn't an insurrection any more than Jan. 6.

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Let's not use their language, this wasn't an insurrection any more than Jan. 6.

Yikes, did not intend for that to be taken literally, that was intended to be a completely sarcastic use of the word, although maybe this was less obvious than I realized. On reflection I probably should have put quotation marks around "insurrection" to make this more apparent. Duly noted

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Gotcha, sarcasm is a lot harder to convey (and recognize) over the internet. The article itself didn't seem like it was going for sarcasm to me, but I may have missed it.

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Yeah, this was all a lot more clear in my own mind, lol. I added the word insurrection, I thought people would read this as 'see this is fundamentally the same thing as Jan6, yet nobody is calling it worse than 9/11 and it barely made the news', but looking at this I can totally see that I didn't do the best job of making myself clear, it does sound like I am serious