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I mean, the dude could have just moved away. They were outside, how entitled do you have to be to think you can ask or tell someone what to do because of your sensibilities, and in this case, weak ones?

Should he have been stabbed, fuck no, shit dude if I stabbed everyone I wanted to I'd be 3 deep just today.

Sad all around. Fucking weirdos.

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Funny how during the scamdemic when i was outside without a mask instead of others just "moving away" they shit their pants and pointed like i was causing genocide in America, ask me why i carry a gun now, people are fucking NUTS and fall over the deepend over NOTHING. Btw i can't stand these fucking vaper pussies blowing their shit all over the place and in unison chanting, "what it's only steam," not so harmless from the studies i've been hearing about lately though.

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Insane. People's fuses are crazy short these days.

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There is more to this story and he should have minded his own business.

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and he should have minded his own business.

Yeah I agree, though I think an ass-whooping would have sufficed

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Apparently it was some kind of Indian dude that stabbed him... sexual frustration maybe?

In any case, I feel really bad for this man's kid, but anyone who tries to control outdoor vaping is probably a powertool.

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anyone who tries to control outdoor vaping is probably a powertool.

And the mom said “He had a knife. I don’t carry a knife into a coffee shop, do you?”
Fucking -A I do. She sounds awful also. Not that people should die for being twats, but it's harder to have sympathy for them.

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You sound like a cunt. In fact, everyone in this thread sounds like a bunch of whiny entitled enabling bitches.

I mean, the dude could have just moved away.

but anyone who tries to control outdoor vaping is probably a powertool.

he should have minded his own business.

She sounds awful also

when I saw the sussy surname "Shmidt" and the mischling daughter I lost a lot of sympathy

Every single fucking comment? Really?


Don't worry boys. Your in no danger of me fucking your moms. I don't think I can get it up, knowing she bore any of the lot of you.

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    Your statement is not related to my comment in any way what so ever. Unless we account for the continuity within your own mind. Which I will not.

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    Lol, you got triggered.

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    It's not unreasonable to ask someone breathing out toxic fumes to desist. If he could smell it, it WAS his business.

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    It's not unreasonable to ask someone breathing out toxic fumes to desist. If he could smell it, it WAS his business.

    Vaping outdoors is quite legal whether you can smell it or not. Demanding people desist from legal activity is quite rude, and legally can amount to harassment. According to the law, this is not actually his business.

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    We are unable to display the requested content in your country.

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    Well thats weird, it happened in Canada, i'll give you a copy/paste transcription.

    A bloke was stabbed to death outside a Starbucks after he asked a man to refrain from vaping close to his three-year-old child.

    Paul Schmidt, 37, from Canada, and his daughter Erica were waiting outside the coffee shop in Vancouver on Sunday, while Paul's fiancee bought drinks inside.

    Paul politely asked his killer not to vape, but in horrifying footage captured by a member of the public the suspect took out a knife and stabbed Paul in the stomach.

    The dad, who was seen falling to the ground in agony, was left surrounded by a pool of blood.

    Paul's mum Kathy Schmidt said she can't believe her son was stabbed for trying to protect his daughter's health.

    She told Vancouver Sun: "This is so horribly wrong what happened. He was just trying to protect his daughter. I’m angry and I’m sad.

    "It all started because he was vaping beside the baby. Ashley’s in shock — she watched the whole thing. She’s so devastated."

    Inderdeep Singh Gosa, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder following the stabbing.

    Kathy has called for the charge to be upgraded to first-degree. For that to happen prosecutors would need proof that the stabbing was premeditated.

    She said: “He had a knife. I don’t carry a knife into a coffee shop, do you?”

    Kathy said she was in despair watching the video as nobody around or in the coffee shop came to her son's rescue.

    The heartbroken mum continued: “I was incredibly surprised that nobody from inside the Starbucks called for help, nobody outside called for help. It wasn’t until basically he was in dire straits that somebody flagged down an officer on the sidewalk.

    “What kind of world are we living in when you take your family to Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon and you’re attacked and killed, with many people standing around videotaping and watching?”

    Cops said an officer on patrol was alerted to the incident at around 5.40pm following a "brief altercation."

    Authorities are now pleading with eyewitnesses to come forward to help determine a motive for the attack.

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    Courts may have ordered media silence on it.

    So what would the media say if he was trying to protect his child from the nanny-state or trans-agenda?

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    diversity is no ones strength least of all canada's.

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    Now he can vape all day in prison for the rest of his stupid life, you dumb fucking savage.